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Cod Sent Flute


Genres: Christian / Indie / Experimental

Location: Langley, BC

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4 tracks

Members: Cod Sent Flute

Some songs from the last year or so.



  • MikeC4 said:
    Quoi? Yeah... Mar 29
  • van_binder said:
    YEAH....PEOPLE WITH FACES!!!!!! Aug 29
  • forgivenlove said:
    SCOTT!! So pretty much I got this so I could comment you. It is my only way of keeping in touch since you are too good for email and im at camp, which is RAD!!! Congrats on winning everything at awards night haha. So do you check this thing often?? Any ways yah the blog for wait is SOOOO cute!!! Very.....inspiring! lol. Anyways have a rad time this summer and YOU can comment ME haha. okay ttyl Jul 01
  • Timmyg16 said:
    Wow wow wow, dude that is so great, everythiing from the lyrics to the frogs, wow really great job, now all u need is someone to play that electric part, (Iheard this guy name Timmy G is pretty good)lol anyways keep going man. Peace out May 11
  • cod sent flute said:
    Unbelievable tunes Coddy. You are a flippin genius. keep druggin along -Cod sent Neufeld Flute May 08
  • Timmyg16 said:
    wow man wuts up with ur blogs they are deep but i guess ur a deep guy..........just joking they are sweet u should make them into songs they will really work anyways keep on trucking and cant wait till u start making songs with ur real band......Dont forget we are still hear. Mar 19




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