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JustCloud Online Storage Review

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JustCloud is an online storage facility that is becoming increasingly popular with most businesses and individuals choosing to keep a backup of their computer files within the cloud.

Most people don't get ready for the worst case scenario when it comes to computer crashes or viruses destroying personal computers or laptops. With most computers storing an enormous amount of people's files, images, programmes and documents, it is even more important to ensure copies are stored remotely if the worst happen to your computer.

What's the cloud?

Quite simply, the cloud may be the future of computing. The cloud provides the ability for a copy of the computer files to be stored on a remote server where they may be held safely and securely and whereby you have access to 24 hours a day.

How does JustCloud work?

Once registered, JustCloud users download a credit card applicatoin to their computer. Users choose which folders they would like copied and this takes a short while. This makes it particularly great for beginners or those who have no experience with burning their computer. JustCloud then works silently in the background backing up on a daily basis.

You will get unlimited storage and all your files will be synced from your computer towards the cloud. This makes it possible to edit a file on your home computer and then later within the day finish editing the file on your office computer.


It's extremely easy to use making it perfect for everyone to use. You can get your files from any tablet, PC, mobile phone, laptop or desktop whenever you want, from any location. It also has the ability to share your files and folders with friends and family. It is possible to invite them by email, Facebook, Twitter or let them have a unique link.


JustCloud could be too automated for many users who prefer to accomplish things manually. However if you simply like most people who prefer things to just work out with the box then JustCloud will be the online storage product for you just cloud


Posted Dec 14, 2015 at 6:13am