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Clock Hands Strangle


Genres: Progressive / Rock

Location: Orlando, FL

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4 tracks

Members: Adam, Brian, Cristian, Nick, and Todd

We must live outside of passion, beyond sentiment, in the harmony of a true work of art, in that enchanting order. We must love one another so much that we live outside of time. Detached. Detached.

--Steiner in La Dolce Vita, F. Fellini, 1960

CLOCK HANDS STRANGLE HAS COMPLETED THEIR SECOND FULL-LENGTH ALBUM, "DISTACCATI," TO BE RELEASED JANUARY 2009. "Distaccati" is at once a natural and perplexing progression from the band's debut full-length, "Redshift/Blueshift," with bolder, more polished songwriting and well-studied lyrics that cast the listener as a pilgrim on a relentless journey--through an infernal outer-space guided by Walt Whitman (where Job is spotted wailing in a heap of dark matter, and Castor and Pollux face off in an astrological boxing match), across an arid desert and a frozen desert, through New York city and an Alabama cotton field--from the opening to final track. The album's title track (and its first) is currently available for streaming.

In a review of 'Redshift/Blueshift,' Amplifier referred to the songwriting of Clock Hands Strangle as "impeccable, with lyrics that are full of swoops and swirls, properly aligned to tight instrumentation." Formed in 2004 in Melbourne, FL, Clock Hands Strangle has been refining their thoughtfully-crafted, lyric-driven music for four years--the result are precise compositions that, with repeat listens, reveal a rewarding complexity to the listener.

Tour History includes two extensive tours of the eastern half of the U.S., two tours of the east coast, a brief Florida tour with Do Make Say Think, and a showcase at this year's South by Southwest.


  • Wanda J. Lee said:
    Love the music! Love the lyrics; Dylan'esk. Been listening to all kinds of music for more years than I care to admit, keep it up, you guys are going far. Remember, stay together, you need each other. Oct 27
  • Roxiiiii said:
    soo...you guys should do an all ages show with band marino in orlando.... :) just a thought. wink wink! Nov 15
  • Roxiiiii said:
    Hey Guys! Its Roxi here from the orlando bunch that saw your show last night. You guys did REALLY well. We\'ve fallen in love with just the few tracks you gave us and can\'t wait to drive to melbourne to GET THAT CD!! Much love Mar 25
  • Rocker_4_god said:
    hey guys well i am sorry for ever missing the social show. and i am antisapating your next show i really cant wait lol and neather can my ....mom.... but when we do you have to play book burning becuse way back when at the \"organic\" or the church you played at with jasion. you didnt play it. =[ so i cant wait to hear it live =] love you guys Emily Dec 07
  • awesome_kid13579254 said:
    Yo Todd u guys are the awesomest band ever! good luck with playing your \"folk music\" peace out Brad Jul 14


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