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Classic Addict


Genres: Rock / Rock / Rock

Location: Columbus, GA

Stats: 159 fans / 24,571 plays / 8 plays today






Members: Cale Dodds, Chase Dodds, Ben Bias, Ryan Barnette

Classic Addict’s workaholic nature and relentless attention to detail has resulted in a respected rock sound of their own. Molded out of strong values, unbelievable talent, and a shared passion for rock-n-roll, these four guys have struck a powerful alliance with Classic Rock fans who appreciate the sounds from the greatest time in rock history…But don’t be so quick to label…just when you think you have them figured out, you feel the past 4 decades of music come together. They have learned to channel the energy of their engaging bar-room stomps into a wider variety of musical expression. It is this spectacular talent and passion that never ceases to wow audiences and keeps them humming Classic Addict lyrics long after they leave the show. So who are these guys that have been mesmerizing audiences at venues all across state lines?
Lead singer and rhythm guitarist, Cale Dodds, was born to be in the spotlight. His unparalleled charisma and stage presence, along with his stunning vocal range brings fans to their feet and keeps them there all night, singing along, and begging for more. In addition to his musical craftsmanship, he has an offstage professionalism that is hard to come by. His maturity and practical knowledge of “the business” helps keep Classic Addict on track in their pursuit of excellence.
It would not be a surprise to find Cale and lead guitarist, Ryan Barnette, dueling on the six-strings during a Classic Addict performance. Ryan’s lead guitar fills the air with sounds of Southern Rock so smooth and sweet that you find yourself checking to see if Greg and Duane haven’t stopped by for a jam session or that the VanZants themselves haven’t joined these guys on stage bringing back guitar licks reminding us of the Glory Days of rock music. Ryan’s experience is obvious in his blistering guitar solos and wide instrumental versatility.
If you are ever at a Classic Addict show and wonder where that deep, breathtaking kick is coming from, just look a little upstage and you will find the drummer and backbone of the band, Chase Dodds. Chase’s ability to keep the band on beat while interjecting his own unique style is not something that can be taught. Whether he has the stage to himself delivering a ground shaking drum solo, or slamming the cymbals in a Classic Addict original, Chase brings a percussion component to the band that it would not be the same without.
Working with Chase to keep the band in line is bass player, Ben Bias. A longtime friend of Cale and Chase, Ben knows what it’s like to entertain. His incomparable fast hands and aggressive picking bring a sound to their music that enthralls seasoned musicians and fans alike. Ben’s cool, laid back style brings a perfectly stated bass beat that adds just the right amount of thunder to this storm known as “Classic Addict”…
But what, aside from the spectacular music, makes Classic Addict what they are? What sets them apart from the thousands of talented musicians out there today? The answer lies in their passion, professionalism, and the love of their fans. So many artists today have musical talent, but they lack the affability that radiates from the soul of Classic Addict. These guys truly embody humility in all aspects of their lives and their work, and this is apparent in the relationships they develop with their fans. If you ever have a question or just want to chat, walk on up and you will find yourself in a genuine conversation with one of them because they take great pride in establishing this relationship with their friends and fans alike. But what’s the difference really? A fan of Classic Addict is a friend of Classic Addict, and it is this attitude that is taking these guys “to the top!” So that leaves only one question, “Are you an Addict?”

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  • heyy, im laceyy :) said:
    i like it ... ALL ... ALOTT :DD Sep 16
  • joshua heflin"throw dirt on me and grew a wildflower" said:
    hollywood is here is really good :D Jul 30
  • winterFR3$H (to deathh). said:
    very nice. : ) Sep 06
  • Erica* said:
    yall are amazing! :D Jul 29
  • Stεphεи said:
    hey hey heylo!! i saw yall at the core on saturday night! yall are AMAZING! clint- im the guy that kept screaming i love you! im also the guy that let all of yall sign my stomach! the almighty steve-o millsap-o Feb 27
  • conniemarie23 said:
    hey you guys! I miss you all SOOO much! can\'t wait to see you all again soon!!! CAle- walmart rocks....lol...you know what i mean... love-peace-and hardcore rockin\' ~connie marie! Nov 05
  • livslovesyou said:
    You guys are awesome. I listened to you once and i am hooked now. Love you all Jul 28
  • Cale'sGirl said:
    hey people whats up? nmh...so whos goin to the show in lagrange tomorrow? does anybody know what time it starts and exactly where it is if so please post it...thanx...love lots Dec 22
  • nikki09 said:
    yall are absolutly amazing Nov 27
  • said:
    you guys are the best :) Sep 07
  • lets TAKE it said:
    where the hell is H2O in conyers? Aug 29
  • Jennierie said:
    Hey you guys!!! well i just wanted to say hey and tell you that the show tonight was ABSOLUTELY INSANE!!!!!! well i guess ill talk to yall later! ~Jennifer~ Aug 27
  • bbdrummer said:
    hope i get to see u guys at h2o. you guys sound sweet. Jul 31
  • lakesidebandroxmysox said:
    hey yall whats rockin? yall are!!! this is julia, jennifer\'s sister...i just wanted to say whats up and to tell yall to check out my purevolume profile! www.purevolume.com/listeners/lakesidebandroxmysox well i hope to be at one of yalls shows soon! ttyl Jun 22
  • LeeLeeMarie said:
    caaale! mmm i looooove you. k? thanks. bye :) Apr 17


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heyy, im laceyy :)

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