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Essentials Of Garden Care

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Adding seed over your grass, known as overseeding, is the best way to get a full green carpet for your yard. It's not just a matter of throwing it on and hoping for the best, though. These are the eight secrets to know about when to seed lawn.

A core aerator is especially useful in breaking up thatch in your yard. Thatch is that layer of plant roots, both living and dead, near the soil surface, which intertwine themselves so tightly and dense that water and nutrients are unable to make their way past it. As a result, water and fertilizer tends to pool on the grass surface and never reaches the plant roots. If untreated, thatch will gradually choke your lawn. A core aerator machine easily gets rid of thatch and allows your lawn to gradually repair itself.

For aerating large lawns or landscapes, you can hire power aerators. These are commercial tools that need some lawn care skills for their proper handling. Do not use spiked versions. Use coring power aerators as they remove the mud, giving the soil some space to expand. If you are using heavy power aerators for the first time then be careful while manipulating them. If possible appoint someone who has previous experience in why aerate lawn.

Another common active ingredient, MCPP, or, mecoprop, also has little effect on ground ivy. Dicamba is an active ingredient that does control ground ivy. Dicamba is also called Banvel.

A well maintained lawn simply means that you are conserving and protecting the environment in a healthy way. The entire atmosphere becomes calm and your property is sure to fetch a high value. An untreated and ignored lawn will soon start showing signs of deterioration. Also, lawn owners should ensure that the plants and shrubs do not get infected with diseases and this can be ensured by spraying natural or organic pesticides. what is aeration also includes watering the lawn, mulching, weeding and dethatching. The right aeration of lawn methods will prevent the soil from compaction. The roots are able to absorb the nutrients well as oxygen is supplied in the right quantity.

If you are serious about your lawn, have the soil's acidity tested. Grass usually likes acidic soil. Lime usually brings down acidity and sulfur increases it. Find an experienced gardener or a professional to test it for you.

If you are not sure whether or not you need to aerate your lawn, the easiest thing to do is to remove a square foot section of your lawn (at least 6 inches deep). If the roots of your grass is only an inch or two deep, then your soil might be so compacted that the roots are not allowed to grow any deeper and lawn aeration should be done. However, if your roots are growing deep and looking healthy then you may not need to aerate it at this time.

Posted Jul 01, 2014 at 12:38pm