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The Difference Between Medicine and Poison is in the Dose


Added Jun 05, 2008

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Comments (13)

  • live-laugh-love said:
    SWEEEEEETTTT yoo Aug 11
  • goitalone said:
    it makes complete sense. Jul 02
  • ~Arabesque~ said:
    There aren't words to describe what's going on in my mind after watching this. Good work. Jun 14
  • Rileytaco said:
    I love when they jump on the guy like monkeys Jun 13
  • xSuchxAxLadyx said:
    Great video. Not for the squemish, though. The lyrics are amazing. "Did you ever wish you were somebody else?" Haunting. Jun 10
  • keeeer pow said:
    cute cute cute Jun 09
  • keeeer pow said:
    cute cute cute Jun 09
  • jasmine. said:
    hmm.. creative video. love this song though :] Jun 08
  • carlos said:
    heyyyy best wishes from Peru here you are consider a great band Jun 07
  • Kelsey; je t'aime. said:
    Hm, well I adore it. I see some symbolism... Here it goes: not conforming; setting your life and your standards apart from the worlds'. Even if I'm wrong, I love it anyway! Jun 07
  • Remmos said:
    Not really sure if the video makes no sense. It could be symbolic to a lot of things. I'm sure the band would want the great lyrics to show through in the video as well. Jun 06
  • _Shenille said:
    i love this song and video. Jun 05
  • RockObsesse said:
    it's disgusting when they pull the plugs out of their arms, yucky slimy stuff! this video makes no sense but the song rocks. Jun 05