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  • Deny Bill said:
    join guys https://www.facebook.com/MomentOfDecember Dec 02
  • ashley said:
    i cant stop listening 2 u guys cos of how good u guys are and i never want to stop listening 2 u guys :) May 30
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  • miranda spell said:
    you guys were amazing at SBSW in dallas, one of the best bands there, hands down! Mar 18
  • John (808) Doe said:
    WTF. Where the hell did I land!!!! Hahahaha. Diggin it fo sho tho. lol Feb 21
  • Josh said:
    Pretty good ! Jan 03
  • Ravynator said:
    i just absolutely love you guys Dec 22
  • Jelani said:
    hey guys :) im the vocalist for a band called "Embrace Your Last Breath" come check us out and download our demo for FREE!!!! I want us playing on ALL of you guys' ipods, phones, or whatever else!! :) www.facebook.com/officialembraceyourlastbreath Dec 13
  • rendy said:
    Captai Blood amazing men !~ Dec 08
  • JasmineTheGreat said:
    yessssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssss~ Sep 12
  • Cameron said:
    the double bass pedal gives me a boner....just sayin' Mar 30
  • Abdul said:
    this is pretty nice! Mar 19
  • saputraa10 said:
    hardcore pop punk from indonesia http://www.purevolume.com/DinosaurCanFly Jan 28
  • Emma ^,,^ (Bewitched :3) said:
    :D We R who We R Jan 25
  • Incognito☼ said:
    You guys are prettycool. Nov 17
  • Alyooops! said:
    Very yumm :D Oct 12
  • byan skateprankster said:
    yeaahhh (m)x(m) Sep 23
  • Jenny D said:
    Chunk! is sooo amazing :) I cannot wait to see them next month with vanna & IFAF Jul 26
  • Shana said:
    Going to go see them at the summer partery tour, theyre absolutely amazing, and definitely worth checking out! Seriously give just one listen to Captain Blood and youll be hooked Jul 26

Events (26)

May 01

San Diego, CA

7:00pm at House of Blues Side Stage
May 02

Anaheim, CA

7:00pm at Chain Reaction
May 03

Phoenix, AZ

7:00pm at Joe's Grotto
May 05

Albuquerque, NM

7:00pm at Launchpad
May 06

Fort Worth, TX

7:00pm at Tomcats