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4 Dating Strategies for Single Men

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There are entire books written with dating tips for men, but in this article I'm going to provide you with things i feel would be the most important tips for successful dating.

So immediately, listed here are my advice...

1. Get Confident

I'm sure you've already heard numerous times that women like confident men. But I have a different undertake where confidence truly originates from...

The thing is, when you ask most people how to become more confident, they tell you the same things..

- workout and enhance your body
- dress better
- repair your apartment
- earn more money
- blah blah blah

This really is all great, but true confidence originates from not giving a hoot what individuals think of you. It's about being what you are and not altering your behavior to create a woman (or anybody else) like you.

This is actually the essence of confidence. Confident people have an unwavering opinion of themselves. Therefore they never compromise who they are.

Now, I'm not saying that you shouldn't hit the gym or purchase a new wardrobe and such things as that. However, it's more important to build up true and unshakeable inner self esteem.

The easiest way to begin is by investing in being "you" in almost any given situation.

2. Don't Need A Woman, Want A Woman

A guy who needs a woman is a man who feels incomplete with no woman. So when he is doing meet a lady he likes, his feeling of desperation spills into exactly what he says and does despite the fact that he doesn't understand it.

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Women can smell this. And believe me, it smells bad.

If you're looking for a lady because you think it's possible to give you happiness or fulfill you, stop your research immediately.

First, learn to be a happy person. A needy man is like kryptonite to women.

3. Be Yourself

A lot of men are guilty of changing their normal behavior to try to make a woman like them.

Just act natural and be yourself when you are around any woman. When you're not "you," you're not totally relaxed and in the moment. A woman can sense nervousness, and she will not be totally relaxed either.

4. Maintain The Moment

When a man really wants to have sex with a woman, throughout a date he's thinking "What can one say or do to get in her panties tonight... "

When a man really wants to have a relationship having a woman, he's thinking something similar to "She's beautiful and intelligent. We like the same things. I can see her as my future wife."

It doesn't matter if you want sex or perhaps a girlfriend or wife. The problem is that constantly thinking of the outcome that you would like creates anxiety. You need to make all the right moves and say all the right items to get what you would like.

You can't really you need to be loose and naturally "you" if you don't reside in the current.

So don't help make your goal to take a woman to sleep or make her your girlfriend. Allow it to be your goal to possess fun! Benefit from the moment, and your desired result's more likely in the future into fruition.

Posted Oct 15, 2012 at 1:01pm