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Whenever we discover the wonders of passive income, the majority of us 9 to 5 workers feel we don't possess the time to invest in generating what we perceive to become a random income.

We see it as being random, i.e. at times we obtain no income from this whatsoever and other days we 'earn' a lot more than we thought. What we should also might see is that it is just a little bit of cash, that is nowhere close to our salary, so therefore it's not worth bothering with and definitely not worth quitting your job for.

There are a few things that maybe you have not realised here. On the internet, your income comes to you night and day and also at weekends, Twenty-four hours a day, throughout the planet.

Addititionally there is the idea of scalability.

What's so beautiful about any passive income streams is they are often scalable, and therefore you can include and do this again endlessly. If you have set up one on the particular subject, you can go and do something different and hang up another one.


Establishing the second idea is easier compared to first as you've already introduced you to ultimately a lot of the tools and resources that you have already used, such as Google AdSense or YouTube. So the mechanisms for setting up your next residual income stream are known to only you are pleased for their services again for your second and continuing ideas.

The only thing left for you to do is to think of some good quality content that you could share with the planet in the form of a website, blog, video online or perhaps an article on a single of many article directories.

So for instance, your first residual income stream, an internet site on canine training, only earns you a few dollars a month. Now you can set up another website on writing musical ballads, something that you like.

What you should realise is the fact that as you produce more websites or videos or articles, those that you didn't think would prosper do and conversely, what you believe is your best website doesn't. This fickleness of the public will drive you mad, but it's still good watching the small items of cash fall into your bank account!

Eventually, the combined little items of income from each source will start to add up.

So keep in mind that scalability is the answer to increasing your passive income inside a slow but sure way, by providing people what they want by means of reliable information and content. What that content is, can be you!

Posted Nov 10, 2012 at 12:55pm