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chris juengel

"Space" NOW AVAILABLE on iTunes!


Genres: Pop / Acoustic / Rock

Location: Greensboro, NC

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Members: chris juengel

NEW ALBUM: "SPACE" is now available on iTUNES

CLICK HERE to download the NEW ALBUM!!

includes songs:
Hermana (feat. Caitlyn Juengel)
See What You Mean to Me (feat. Carl Taylor and Josh Heilbronner)
Suprise Cancellation (feat. Gordan Gantt)
and more

also new unreleased songs:
Save Yourself
City Life Live '06 (feat. John Bennett)


Chris Juengel's second full-length album coming in Decemeber and will be available on iTunes and CDbaby.com

Playlist is in a random order: Click the albums to hear the each specific one!

Chris Juengel is a singer/songwriter based in the Greensboro, North Carolina area.

"Lost and Forgotten [songs]" is a collection classic music produced by Chris and many friends from the last decade. The songs are all over the spectrum, from a solo acoustic song from 2002, to a rap remix of Sinatra's "Valentines Day" from 2005. Lots of fun. These are all available for download also.

"A Distant Dream" was Chris Juengel's first full length album. The CD is a collection of music spanning 2000-2006. The CD is packed full with 17 tracks of all original music. Enjoy some highlights.
You can access and purchase ALL of "A Distant Dream" on iTunes. (Released 2006)

"Live at Shucka's" was recorded in April 2006 at Shucka's Oyster Bar in Downtown Greensboro. Cover songs have been excluded. Contact me to obtain the entire Album.

"Not the Same" by the UNCG Spartones is evidence of the 4 years of work Chris put into the men's acapella group at UNCG. Chris has two solos and eight arrangements on the CD. Songs included are those on which Chris sings the solo. These songs were Produced by Liquid 5th. www.myspace.com/spartones

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  • Lisa B said:
    I love your a cappella songs! Please add more! Apr 28
  • subliminalxo said:
    I love your music! Very rad Aug 09
  • citty_lights said:
    k, well you are probably the coolest counselor at camp oak hill, in the world! you\'re so hilarious, and more talented than ever!! ally reynolds Jul 25
  • timewarp.424 said:
    man! you got rid of your whole selection of songs. I miss \'em! Jul 25
  • heyitsdoreME said:
    Hey, Chris! I went to COH this summer (& the past 4 summers) but, it wasn\'t till this summer that I knew you could sing! Wow! You\'re amazing!!! Jul 22
  • coreyduck said:
    I\'m a Music Theatre major at Elon and heard about your solo stuff after seeing you in Little Women. I\'ve been listening to it on here for a few months now, and I have to say it\'s really excellent. Where can I pay money to own copies of these songs? I don\'t always have internet access and need my fix. Jun 27
  • timewarp.424 said:
    you rock... my favorite artist by far Jun 20
  • oakleytwintiper said:
    Hey, u blend ur lyrics real well! I\'m new to Pur Volume, but just found u on my random list. U do a good job man, nice work! Jun 09
  • Valkarian745i said:
    You are amazing and have an excellent voice. City life really does give me an impression of the city very well. Excellent work Chris! May 20
  • mormex18 said:
    i absolutly love your music. ms. crinshaw(she was my student teacher) showed us your pv. and i really like it. thanks and tell ms.c that her H. Vocal Ens. at SW misses her alot!!!! -prisK May 17
  • mary [ Lynn ] said:
    love your sound! Mar 04
  • jo_j_paul said:
    Your music has alot in it, a nice full sound. Keep on doing what you think sounds good. Don\'t let anyone change your music to their liking. Feb 09
  • timewarp.424 said:
    I found you by accident... and what a forunate accident it was. You have an amazing talent for song writing and you have an amazing voice. Don\'t stop making music. You got somethign special. Feb 04
  • stephanierenee said:
    hey chris! its steph from drama @ youth week. I heard some of your stuff from amanda septien and so i checked it out! i didnt know you had so much, its really quite wonderful! and oh yeah, im def gonna be an LIT next year :) hope you are doing well! Jan 08
  • hollyj324 said:
    You have a beautiful voice, and your lyrics are amazing! Therefore, I like what I hear, so I thought I\'d let you know. Dec 30



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