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Chris DiMarco and the Campfire Jams


Genres: Acoustic / Reggae / Jam Band

Location: Littleton, CO

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Does anybody want to be my friend? I'd sure love to have you! I just signed up with a Myspace account after relentless peer pressure to do so. You can now access me at:


Look forward to meeting you all!


Well...Life is grand, music is grander. It's quite a releif to know that I'm set on purevolume for the next year. My music is once again available, and I can now sleep at night.
If you're hungry for a couple new songs, check out http://www.myspace.com/chrisdimarcoandthecampfirejams

New ones are "Sun Won't You Rise," a nice Marley/Beatles/Beach Boys inspired tune...And "Long Way," a song that I wrote, sitting on a rock at a beaaauutifull beach while volunteering in New Zealand last summer.

Talk to you all later, and keep coming back once in awhile. I might just put something new up!


So good news in the world of music. I've been doing some steady giging in Denver and the surrounding areas...I've PROBABLY got a steady gig at TB Johnsons, most likely on Thursdays. As always, most Friday nights at Wahoos fish tacos on Colorado Blvd I'll be there. I've been playing some backyard BBQs as well, so all in all I'm having a lot of fun with music right now.
I know I keep saying that studio time is in my future, and I know I keep extending the date further and further, but I really do think that it's going to work out soon. I've got a connection for free studio time (so he says), so we'll see what really happens.
Anyway, glad to see everyone still hitting the site up. If my pure plus membership expires soon, I'll renew it...The songs might just dissapear for a day or so.
Talk to you later!


Hey everyone. Glad to see people are still hitting up the website and listening to the music. I get so much positive feedback from everyone, it's really nice to have such great people listening to my songs.
If you're in Colorado around Friday the 13th (*evil laugh*) be sure to check out my show at Wahoos Fish Tacos. There are plenty of new songs that aren't recorded that you can hear. Come on down for a beer and a fish taco. I'm hoping the weather is nice so we can all relax on the outdoor patio. Hope to see you there!

Peace, Love, Beer

I'm not dead, I promise. I know I know, I shouldn't be too busy to be writing music, but hey...Life can do that sometimes. I've been going through a move, family issues, school, and a new and demanding job. Life can really take the best out of you sometimes, and I'm kind of noticing that happening. It seems like I've been turning to alcohol to self medicate myself because of the stresses of existance....I've gotta get away from that, drinkings bad....BADDDD... So big deal, but for 3 whole days I haven't drank anything. I'm feeling pretty good about it, I can keep it up. I'm feeling this urge to go green, organic and healthy driving my decision making. It's nice for a change. I've had these kinds of phases in my life before, and they always feel really good.
I hope you all are going to have a great Valentines Day. My fathers birthday falls on Valentines Day, so my girlfriend and I are taking him out to dinner and we'll be going out to our own special dinner either the night before or the night after Valentines.
As for those plans of recording, they're kind of on hold. Like I said, so much going on. But, don't let that stop you from enjoying the music on this page! Someday I'll have the time and the money. It doesn't mean I love music any less. I'll always love it, and I'll always be creating more and more of it. Hopefully I'll have some time to do some more "basement recordings" soon. Probably sometime in the middle of March, when things at work will be cooling down a little bit.
I'll be in touch with you all!

Howdy yall! Hope you're all enjoying a couple of the new tunes that have been posted. I'm in the beginning stages of planning an actual cd to put out. I've got a studio to use, I've got some time reserved, I've got a little bit of money to spend, and I've got a hell of a lot of songs to record, tweak, and finalize. I'll be sure to keep updates of the process, and hopefully get some pictures up too.

In my life? Well, what else is new? My birthday was November 9th (mark it on your calenders for future reference!) I'm now 24 years old, on the verge of a 1/4 life crisis, but I'm hanging in there. All in all this birthday was pretty decent.
That's the news for now, stay tuned for more here on MTV news. You hear it..(wham bam bam) FIRST.


Howdy all. How you been?
Not so good myself, just getting over a cold, my left ear is super congested, I had a fever but now it's gone, but I've got a nice dial tone type sound going on in my left ear. I'm sure that's more than you wanted to know, but hey, why not tell my buds how I'm doing.
I'm back in school this semester, but there has been a great musical development. My previous band, Left Hand Clyde (no songs posted, however Red Sky Morning was played by us full band) has gotten back together with a new drummer. This band was a funk/rock/reggae type trio, we rocked the bars in Denver, too many a time I made a drunken ass out of myself on stage, but it was all in fun. After about a year of being apart, we're re-learning the old tunes/writing new ones, and we'll be back in the scene in no time. I'll be sure to post Left Hand Clyde shows on this page, and when we get some new recordings, I'll be making a purevolume site for that music as well.
That's the update for now, thanks for all the kind words and support. This website really helps inspire me to keep going It's nice pursuing an environmental science degree in school, but it's an amazing experience to write and play songs for people. Even better when occasionally someone likes the song you wrote... :)
Peace, Love, Happiness, and all the good shit in life to yah

Hey all, long time no talky. I've just finished up another semester of school, so, sorry to ignore the music for a little while. Have no fear though, for the whole month of June I'll have absolutly nothing to do besides play guitar, chill, record, and do some hiking, mountain biking, and bbq'n. I'll re-record some songs and hopefully be inspired to write some new ones. Then for the month of July it's OFF TO NEW ZEALAND to volunteer, where I'll be sure to be inspired.
In the meantime, check out my cover of The Beatles "Norwegian Wood." I hope you all enjoy it, and write me sometime! I love getting comments/mail.


Hope you all had a wonderful valentines/singles awareness day. Mine was quite quite good, I love my girlfriend. :)
Anyway, enough with the sappy shiot. Me and Mr Joe Hophner are going up to Boulder CO this Sunday to jam with Adam Klipstein. He's one cool cat, makes the drums go pat pat, and who knows...maybe he can pick up our slack. Keep lookin for updates. The Campfire Jams will soon be underway, and playing a bar near YOU.
Be happy, be good.

--------Febuary 8, 2006---------
In other news,
A friend of mine from highschool and I started jamming once again roughly two weeks ago. The kid's name is Joe Hophner. He slaps, he grooves, he dances, he moves... And hopefully we'll stay together for awhile. Look for updates with the two of us. We're on a mission for musicians, see the blog post. Hopefully I hear from some of you people.

Enjoy the tunes, enjoy your life.


  • AlexJones said:
    like this song Jan 15
  • Jackie said:
    i pucture myself being outside on a sunny day :) like your style, voice and the instrumental breaks Jun 14
  • Sammie Smiles said:
    Fantastic! Thanks for making amazzing music! Jun 07
  • Bryony said:
    I love your stuff is s rough round the edges and trust me Thats a gd thing. just downloading every song May 30
  • Tessa said:
    Thanks for the downloads!! Simply amazing! ♥Tessa Apr 18
  • rick said:
    just finished listening to all of your songs ... and wow!! you are amazing simply amazing. favorite would definitely have to be red sky morning. Apr 14
  • dawnm said:
    You remind me of...Jack Johnson. : ) btw, if you want any graphics done for you...banners, photos, etc. just give me a shout. Feb 26
  • Rachel said:
    I LOVE YOUR MUSIC. make a banner, I want it on my myspace and purevolume :) Jan 20
  • SUCH_a_tragedy said:
    i totally just downloaded all your stuff. seriously good. Sep 05
  • live4watucant said:
    dude, so mellow great chillen love the voice sick stuff Aug 19
  • ZFK88 said:
    I way dig "Red Sky Morning"! Jul 26
  • Brooklyn. said:
    keep the great music coming. very chill, love the sound. Jun 11
  • jon* said:
    dude... im trying to make it in music... and you are what i want to be like... your my idol... May 02
  • T. Marshall said:
    DOOOD CHILLEN TUNES (8) ! ! ! Nov 18
  • Rachel said:
    great Oct 16

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