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chicken shit flower

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Genres: Punk / Rock

Location: Palembang, Indonesia

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It was all started in 2005. The band was named Chicken Shit Flower.
Our strongest line up are:
Fiar (Drums), Cepi (guitar), Rito (bass/vocal),
Davi (guitar) and beng (vocal).
Chicken Shit Flower consist of 5 lads arising

from south sumatera Palembang's Sk8BMX scene called "Lumban" with
heartpumping teenage hormons ready to rock the stage and doing all they
to have fun. Chicken Shit Flower creates a uniquely infectious
blend of guitar-mangled, multy layered, melodic rock, and a few metal

Actually it was like laying a big bet for playing punk
rock music here and try to make a living out of it. Playing in a punk
rock band or being a part of the (so-called) cutting edge is a super
hard job. We have to try super hard to convince corporate people who
have the money that we can add values to their business. Somehow, in
the early days, the kids still feel strange to what we play. But we
believe that we can pass this test and have a big smile in the end.

thing first; we always write songs that come from our heart and try our
best to describe us (as a band) in our original way. And we think its
important to keep it simple so that more and more people can understand
on what we stand for. We always try to consistently humble to all
people in our city.

Our recent goal was big, hairy and scary; we
want to change the face of music industry in our country. Were trying
to write down the path for newer bands that they can reach their dreams
if they work for it. Its like providing an intellectual property so
that new young creative bands with hard work attitude wont reinventing
the wheel. We would like to see more kids start to wear
band tshirt, start to skate and believe on their passion to live their own things.
important to see kids which getting into more creative hype and do
their best for their life and gives something back to their community.



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