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chasing more than wind


Genres: Alternative

Location: USA

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4 tracks

Members: Ben,MG slamma Jr.,Stevie-slowshoes-Riquez,Joey-McHotstuff,Fro-man 2000,Mr.Fasthands

mmmmm peanut butter. we aren't bluegrass, because we aren't blue and when we get cut by a lawnmower, we bleed...most of us...but we really don't belong to a genre because we belong to Jesus Christ! (high-five!)

influences - UNDEROATH, five iron frenzy, relientk, the wedding, taking back sunday, switchfoot, coldplay, brave saint saturn, delirious, watchmen(whispered)

Matthew Gawronski - lead vocals, piano, guitar
William Negron - guitar, backup vocals
Joe McGlynn - guitar, backup vocals
Stephen Henriquez - bass, scream vocals?, jedi-bodyguard
Ben Fillincieri - drums, backup vocals
Richard Osbourne Morris- drums, backup vocals

yes there are two drummers and yes we rock, and no joe is not a professional singer, and yes there is piano in most of our songs, and no you cannot have a sandwich until I say so.

We just recorded a 5 song demo with Brad. If you don't know who Brad is then, well I guess you don't know. But we're excited that, by the Grace of God, we have these songs up, and we hope you enjoy them and ask yourself the same questions that we have asked ourselves. THE QUESTIONS OF LIFE, OF LOVE, OF FAITH, OF COMFORT, stemming from the desire for something more than what meets the eye. yeah, so let us know what you think.



  • said:
    p.s.: I really lov ur song racing to redlights Dec 11
  • said:
    how did u come up with the name of this band, and who came up with this name??? ur music is good, but you have to work on making the vocals a little bit stronger. Dec 11
  • phiber_optikk said:
    Hey you guys sound great. You have a very unique(and good) music sound, and some awesome vocals. God Bless, Scott Apr 07
  • icameforthebuffet said:
    ahhh... the amazing sounds of chasingmorethanwind... how\'s the demo coming along? will, could you call me when you get a chance? like, leave a number i can reach you at almost all the time. i REALLY wanna talk. oh yeah. the berggrens are here. and we\'re going skating tonight. and i was talking to quinn, and he wanted you to go play basketball with him in cobleskill on fri. so, maybe next week? love you! icameforthebuffet. Jan 09

demo is in the making

No release date

where comfort ends

No release date


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