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Charismatic Authority


Genres: Pop / Rock

Location: Niceville, FL

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We are truth.
We are passion.
We are hope.
We are love.
We are Charismatic Authority.

You see them everyday - those bands of grouped misfits trying desparately to find themselves in the world through the mystical influence of music, each exhibiting their own rationalized talent and distributing the product of their creative activity to a world of listeners and fellow muscians, alike. Some want fame, some money, others just cherish the idea of being able to allow others to hear what the lyrical melody of their heartbeat sounds like. Charismatic Authority is the latter.

Charismatic Authority is one of the bands that you'll not only want more of their music, but you'll want more of the individual styles and personas winding through each piece of music. The heart and soul the girls put into the production of their songs is the result of a few years of real, brutal experience in the world of LOVE.

The lyrics break barriers with sheer honesty about the real life experiences of being a teenager - half adult, half kid; being thrusted in to the world whether they like it or not, in a way most people fail to understand - and dealing with the calamity of the world today as well as a pop quiz, a heart break, and a book report in one afternoon. The music captivates one's heart, delving deep into the cavities of your soul and extracting every emotion to be lain bare before you, chords, beats, and editing mixed together to create a montage of beautiful melody.

So listen up and listen quick - these girls are walking into the music industry with much more than just a couple voices and a guitar and drum set.

They also have a keyboard.