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Champagne Blvd


Genres: Rock / Experimental / Progressive

Location: Yorba Linda, CA

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4 tracks

Members: Jay O'Brien, Matthew Fabre, Cain German, Chad Thompson, Kevin Celinder

We live in an age where the progressive scene has erupted, where bands of all shapes and forms classify themselves as a step forward, an uncommon approach. But when we agree to such and the footsteps all lead to the same destination, what will it take to individulize ourselves? Take one part rock, one part psychadelic, one part hard rock and a dash of jazz and you've created Champagne Blvd, a breath of fresh air from the monotony that the times have brought us. From funk to psychedelic rock to metal and back again, Champagne Blvd has taken a reckless approach to their creations, fusing multiple genres into one and freeing themselves from any boundaries and stipulations.