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SUBKULTURE - "ERASUS" PREVIEWSaltCelldweller's live bass player Kem, has been signed to Klayton's indie lable FIXT Music for his solo project Subkulture. Klayton is producing the debut album and is also appearing as a guest on the first single, "Erasus." In addition to singing on the track, Klayton produced, co-wrote, programmed & mixed the track. Celldweller fans will undeniably hear Klayton's signature production on "Erasus" with it's unique mix of combined styles. We have made 2 separate previews of "Erasus" available until the digital single is released at the FIXT Music Online Store next Monday, November 5th.Visit Myspace.com/Subkulture for "Erasus" preview 1 (featuring an excerpt with Kem's verse)Visit Myspace.com/Celldweller for "Erasus" preview 2 (featuring an excerpt with Klayton's verse)Add Subkulture to your Myspace Friends & leave a comment


We're offering "Switchback" as a free download for a limited time. The only requirement for the free download is that you must continue passing it along to at least 10 people, and encourage them to keep it going. We want to get "Switchback" heard by millions around the world."Switchback" has already been a highly successful track, being played and heard more than any other song from the debut Celldweller CD. Here is just a short list of where you may have already heard "Switchback" :

Spider-man 2 (Movie Trailer - watch now)CSI (Superbowl Commercial - watch now)Doom (Movie Trailer - watch now)The Punisher (Movie Trailer - watch now)Catwoman (Movie Trailer - watch now)Dirt (F/X) starring Courteny Cox (watch scene)

Download "Switchback" for FREEWant to Remix "Switchback" & Win Cool Stuff?Visit Remix.Celldweller.comDownload the "Switchback" Remix Files (284MB ZIP File)[by downloading you agree to our terms]Prizes include: iPod Touch, iPod Nano (w/video), M-Audio Axiom 25 & more.


Take It & Break It Remix Competition Round 3
Celldweller "Switchback"

Click below or right click and 'save as' to Download the Round 3 Zip File:
(284MB ZIP)

By downloading the zip file, you are agreeing to our terms.

Files in the download zip:
Switchback 1999 - 2002 Unreleased Demos Folder: 25 files @ 112 BPM
Switchback 2000 - Detroit Folder: 27 files @ 112 BPM
Switchback 2001 - Meh Folder: 18 files @ 112 BPM
Switchback 2003 - Debut Celldweller CD Folder: 27 files @ 112 BPM
Switchback 2006 - Klayton Revision Folder: 19 files @ 128 BPM

116 Files Total
All Files are 24 bit WAV

Upload your Remix for a chance to win an iPod Touch, iPod Nano (w/video), M-Audio Axiom 25, M-Audio Gear Bag, Free Clothing, Free Music & more...

Visit Remix.Celldweller.Com

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FIXT Music, M-Audio, Logic Pro, FabFilter, Firewire Strings, CD Baby & Bleeding Star Clothing

UFC 73: Countdown

We are glad to announce that Celldweller's "Fadeaway" & "Goodbye" (instrumentals) will be airing during UFC 73 Countown on Spike TV July 2nd @ 10:30PM EST. For more info, visit www.ufc.com.

Klayton has been staying busy at work on a new Celldweller full length release. Musically, the album has been near completion for a while, but most recently Klayton has been focusing on finalizing lyrics and themes, most recently with the song "Eon" as well as other tracks in progress "The Best It's Gonna Get" & "Birthright."

In the process of finalizing all written & demo'd elements of the album to take into The Method House Studios and record the actual disc, Klayton has been hit with a myriad of opportunities and requests. From custom cues for new movie trailers to original scores for new network TV shows, the demand for new music has come from every possible angle. At the heart of this movement are you...the fans. Rest assured that every effort is being put forth to bring you an amazing new album and multimedia experiences to pair with it. Klayton has been turning down a majority of incoming requests so that he can stay focused on delivering the new album.

For the most up to date news on the recording process keep checking the official Celldweller Blog at Myspace.com/Celldweller.

How could have I been so earthbound,
With my heart in the depths and my face in the ground?
It's time to uproot myself and move on.

- Birthright



Redline hits theaters today (4-13-07) and is using "Shapeshifter" by Celldweller feat. Styles of Beyond in the soundtrack. "Shapeshifter" was also used in several trailers and TV Spots for the film.

Download "Shapeshifter" as a Digital Single from Celldweller.com


An unreleased Celldweller song from the upcoming sophomore album is being featured in a new Spider-man 3 TV Spot. The track is still in demo form and yet to be officially recorded and named, but has working title of "Baseline."

Klayton has prepared a special instrumental edit of the track that is the first official preview from the sophomore Celldweller album.

Enjoy the Preview of "Baseline" on Purevolume & Myspace.


Celldweller is currently receiving front page treatment from two great audio companies - M-Audio and Fabfilter. Visit M-Audio.comVisit FabFilter.com


We wanted you to be the first to know that "Own Little World" (Remorse Code Remix) will be featured in the upcoming Fox Atomic movie The Hills Have Eyes 2. The film hits theaters March 23, 2007. This official remix is available for purchase on Itunes:
Purchase "Own Little World" (Remorse Code Remix) on Itunes

Visit The Hills Have Eyes Myspace page

CSI has picked up two more Celldweller songs to use in new TV Spots that will begin airing this Thursday [2.15.07]. The new promos will feature "Symbiont" & "The Stars of Orion."

FILM / TV PLACEMENTS - SUPERBOWL SPOT"Switchback" is being featured in a new CSI Promo. The commercial aired several times during the Superbowl.Watch it nowWe have 5 songs in the new Microsoft game CRACKDOWN, exclusively for XBOX 360. During the game you can choose from "So Sorry To Say," "Frozen," "The Last Firstborn," "Afraid This Time" and "Fadeaway." A free downloadable version of the game is available now on XBOX Live and features "Fadeaway.""Welcome To The End," was recently used in FX's Dirt starring Courteney Cox. The episode featuring Celldweller is the 2nd in the series, entitled "Blogan.""Shapeshifter" featuring Styles of Beyond was used in NBC's Friday Night Lights episode #111."Shapeshifter" was also used in the trailer of the upcoming movie Redline. "Shapeshifter" will also appear in the film.Watch the trailer

CELLOUT AND YOU - CELLOUT.TVThe Celldweller Productions team has been busy preparing to launch Cellout TV.NOW IS YOUR CHANCE TO GET INVOLVED!!We are looking for fan submitted video for all of the following categories:1. Questions for Klayton. Shoot video of yourself asking Klayton a question about anything. Include your name, city or country and question. (i.e. "this is Julie from California and my question is....")2. "I'm a Cellout!" Record yourself, your friends or members of your family saying/shouting: "I'm A Cellout!" Be creative the cooler the presentation, the better the chances it will air!3. Cellmates! Record video of yourself doing something entertaining, amusing or edgy. It can be Celldweller related or completely off-topic. If we think its interesting or humorous, we might just air it!!Originality, creativity, sexiness, & humor will be rewarded.You have a shot at being on the show!!Shoot & Upload: Cellout.tv.Accepted File Types: MOV, MPG, MP4, AVI.File Size Limit: 100MB


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