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Shad Teerlink


Genres: Acoustic / Indie

Location: United States

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4 tracks

Members: Cameron Garcia (Guitar, Vocals) ; Gary Seymore (Piano, Vocals)

Howzit? Thought we would give you all a little taste of the magic and wonders we have been doing out here as we are exiled in the lovely land of South Africa. There is definately more to come where this came from but every band has to start somewhere right? Leave us a comment and tell us what you think of what we have so far. Don't forget to check out some other sweet bands that influence us like Cold Hot Crash or Jack's Mannequin.


  • playmeasong said:
    hey this is kate clifford from riverside, cali. your music is really good! Jul 03
  • Matt Johnson said:
    ZA!! That's my boyz....keep up the work. Those tracks are banging, they just need a little work to fix up the noise but the lyrics and music is awesome. Keep pushin forward!!! Apr 07
  • Des said:
    WOW!! Cam!! The songs are GREAT!! you two are wayyyy good!! My favorite one is the YOU WILL BE MISSED one..it's cute...and i'm pretty sure it's you singing it...lol..but it's really good! You guys are GOOD!! haha..k well i miss you and i hope you get my dang letter soon! haha..k cya soon cam! Mar 27

Title of Liberty

Mar 26, 2008

For Obi-Wan

No release date

Linton Lydia

Firestone Park, CA


United States

Matt Johnson

United States

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