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Genres: Experimental / Electronic / Ambient

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Members: Christopher Brown

Thanks for visiting my page. Chances are that if you found your way here we are vicariously connected in someway. Everything here is up because I love it and want to share it with you. I really hope that this music gives you something too. Below is also a short bio should you want to know a bit about me.


There is also a modest photo gallery to keep your eyes busy if you're into that.


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Decoding of song titles ....

DbmfwId_bntmwIa - Don't buy me flowers when I'm dead, be nice to me while I'm alive. a wonderful sentiment from the grandmother of somebody I never met.

qt_u_mgf - A product of my probability-based-composition experiments in Ableton. Two groups of audio snippets playing at random against each other with pleasing atmospheric results.

H2Bals - How to break a love spell. The end product of a drawn out and beautiful obsession. Quite literal in its naming and intention.

Gravity - by BT originally, this is my dirty breakbeat take on those beautiful pianos and grinding basslines of his. Thanks man.

SafeBlueSpaceExists - the first of my Ableton based Sound Installations - made in about 6 minutes for the chillout room at one of our parties. Played for about 8 hours as a background to scintillating conversation, relaxation and connection.


Christopher Brown is a producer, bassist and multi-instrumentalist specialising in melodic textured ambiences and emotive, hypnotic, electro-acoustic composition.

He has worked with Daniel Lanois, Brian Blade, John Mayer, Victor Wooten/JD Blair, Eddie Bayer, Hannah Thiem (Kanye West), BJ Cole (Sting, Bjork).

Currently working on graduating Berklee College of Music in May 09, Special Projects Co-ordinator for BIRN Radio, Assistant at Mix 1 Studios, also touring and recording with COPAL and Tony Brown and the Faithful.


  • crazy kat lady said:
    Incredible. It's amazing that anybody could make music sound this nice. Feb 13
  • idrewacircle said:
    You should make these downloadable!!!!!!!!! Dec 22
  • adrian said:
    nice and cool Jul 07
  • Second Nature said:
    I love the remix of gravity. It's perfect. I was wondering if you could email me the mp3 at sk8freak9000@yahoo.com? Jun 06
  • PaperShipsUnderBurningBridges said:
    Beautiful. Utterly and absolutely. May 01
  • alex [stalk the ground] said:
    hey dude, our video is almost done, we just have to redo a couple of shots and edit. Apr 21
  • pelicanspider said:
    that's funny that you would say we are connected cause i found your profile using the random jump at the bottom of the page :P Apr 01

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