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Casket Salesmen


Genres: Rock / Experimental

Location: Corona, CA

Stats: 215 fans / 21,760 plays / 34 plays today





4 tracks

Members: Phil Pirrone. Nate Lindeman.

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"This one is a gem, highly recommended" - ALL MUSIC GUIDE

"The song Art Sandwich is one of the best songs released this year." - OC REGISTER

"Nirvana Bleed meets Queens of the Stone Age thrash" - IE WEEKLY

"Heavy music needs a savior on the airwaves: Sleeping Giants proves that these guys are it" - AMPLIFIER MAGAZINE

"There's a new musical awakening upon us" - EXCLUSIVE MAGAZINE

"...I wasn't that excited about this, but I was blown away and proved wrong right from the get go. This had a much bigger sound than I expected. - ALL AGES MAGAZINE

"Traces of experimental, post-hardcore, hard rock, and art-rock filter through each song leaving each track fresh faced and free from preconceived judgments" - ABSOLUTEPUNK.NET

"Very few artists get so close to faultlessness on their initial jaunt...Sleeping Giants is an exceptional work of art with a sizeable amount of staying power (4 out of 5) - MJ Austin / DECOY MUSIC

"...the album shows that Pirrone's absorbed his parents' Pink Floyd records and came away unintimidated - which isn't as easy as it sounds." - ALTERNATIVE PRESS

"If I was into causing havoc everywhere I went, I would probably be listening to this record, or Queens of the Stone Age or Pantera...." - PULSE WEEKLY

"This is one of the deepest and most expressive rock albums that can be found currently. I would give it among my highest recommendation." - CELEBRITY CAF

"*****" Five Stars - SMARTPUNK.COM

"It immediately showcases that Phil and Nathan are headed in a new direction" - THE PUNK SITE

"prog-rock head trips, or rather stoner-rock journeys to the center of your mind" - AVERSION.COM

"...definitely a hazy feeling to most of the record, not quite like a Pink Floyd...but it is still heavy on the atmospheric ..." - MUSIC INDUSTRY TODAY



  • musicisart said:
    I miss the live show I saw years ago. So Good Mar 18
  • said:
    great music Aug 17
  • aliceinwonderland829 said:
    damn you guys are good, im so gonna try n make it to your show in seattle! Nov 30
  • MattDigsGuitars said:
    Dude, I can\'t Beleive this stuff I\'m hearing! It is amazing, And so different From A Static Lullaby. I just got done reading the interview You did with Ultimate-Guitar, and I was amazed. I think you guys are great, and you can really help fix the music seen. You are an inspiration. Nov 30
  • kingofallkosmos said:
    This is great stuff. I realy, realy like. Keep it up! ^_^ Nov 29
  • Mathias A. said:
    wow, im so glad i checked you guys out. you are awesome. im definattly going to see you when you come to portland. Nov 28
  • Ah-Vah-Ah said:
    im def. adding you to my faves!!! && i am def. getting your CD awesome music! Nov 20
  • alex019 said:
    i love your music, i can\'t wait until you come to portland! love you both! Nov 19

Sleeping Giants

Oct 31, 2006

Dr Jesus EP

Aug 01, 2006


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