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Genres: Psychedelic / Hardcore / Progressive

Location: Salt Lake City, UT

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4 tracks

Members: Mc - Noise & Yapper, Deb - Big ol\' Strings & Throat, Jamez - Sticks n\' Skins & Vocal Chords

*Likes: Unicorns, Rainbows, Candy, Stickers
*Dislikes: Brocolli, Math Class, Tonya Harding, Hairy Armpits

*Turnons: Sunsets, Holding Hands, Making Out, Shoeless Walks on the Beach
*Turnoffs: Fatties, Baldies, Hairy Armpits

*Favorite Food: Pizza, Hotdogs, Root beer, Cotton Candy
*Favorite Color: HotPink/Sky Blue (it's a tie)
*Favorite Member of New Kids on the Block: Joey

If you like these things you will like our music. You should be sure to come to a CART! concert for free french toast.

Their musical mission is to open the minds of their audience through the powerful mediums of progressive music and art. They make music for themselves and the few individuals who dare to think for themselves and who don't care what conformists (underground scenesters) feel about them. This is their sound, their genre. They dislike classifying their own music or anyone else's music because they feel that in doing so it pigeon holes bands, slows the very evolution of their art and stunts the essential seed of music from growing. They are thus forced to call their sound "Entheogen Punk." The word entheogen refers to the potential for the music to put the mind into a state of euphoric enlightenment where definitions and ego's have no significance. In particular this means that the desire to feel civilized will be lost because in the end the true quality of their souls and their desire to make a positive impact on the world is all that matters.

CART! is always interested in setting up shows. They will play anytime and anywhere. If you would like to have the band play at an event please send an e-mail to cart@carttheband.com or call (801) 710-3195. Be sure to check out the official website - www.carttheband.com - for more information or mypspace.com/cart.

2003 - 2006 CART!


  • KillerFloss17 said:
    I added you on myspace because you seemed like the kind of people who would kill me if I didn\'t. Am I right? Or am I right? But in reality, I added you because you\'re amazing... I\'m not gonna lie Mar 21
  • sanskr said:
    This is the worst band ever to cross the borders of the state of Utah Jan 16


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