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Genres: Death Metal / Death Metal

Location: Rimini, Italy

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Manuel Arlotti : Drums
Marco Righetti : Guitar
William Leardini : Bass
Andrea Manenti : Vocals

CARNALITY was formed in 1999 in Rimini, as a 5-piece death metal act. The first line-up included Thomas Ghirardelli (vocalist, previously drummer in Hortus Animae and Entity), Marco Righetti and Christian Conti (guitars), Patrick Amati (5 strings bass) and the drummer Manuel Arlotti. With this line-up, they recorded "Torment Of The Eternal Sorrow", a 4-tracks demotape, mainly influenced by first Cannibal Corpse, but with some good melodic touch. The year after, they starts an intense live activity.
In the meanwhile, the bassist Capu replace Patrick. Carnality recorded their second effort, during February 2001, a 3-tracks cd called "Brutal Execution". This time, songs are more obscure, sharp and doomish, with great variety of sound. This promo obtained good responses and reviews everywhere (top demo on Grind Zone and Metal Shock).
In March 2003, they recorded a mini-cd called "Beyond The Gate", their most professional one, recorded, as their previous works, at the Fear Studio by Gabriele Ravaglia. Those new 4 tracks allows CARNALITY to enhance live activity during 2003/2004.
In 2007, Carnality suffered from several line-up changes: Thomas, Christian and Capu left in favour of Andrea Manenti on vocals(Entity,Muculords,Defixio) and William Leardini on bass guitar. However, the band continued his live performances and began composing material for their first album, which was finally recorded in 2010 at Fear Studio and produced by Simone Mularoni.




Doomed to Brutalize

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No release date