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Captain Zoetrope


Genres: Indie / Acoustic / Experimental

Location: Canada

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4 tracks

Members: Zarcadius, IC-2812, Jane3Alpha, Sid

Captain Zarcadius Zoetrope is responsible for the duties of: writer, director, producer, IC-2812, earth centre, crew-man zorp, president zap, zeta the hand maiden, the narrator, the s.o.b., guitars, keyboards, harmonicas, handclaps, voices, intuition

Zoetrope was assisted by:
amber lee- jane3alpha, computer, voices, snaps, web design

christopher hunter- general sid ostulous, crew of the "belief 2", guitar, voices, keyboards

gwen marshall- artwork

Greetings Earth Creatures,
Along time ago, in the depths of a large blue and white space object, the seeds of an epic space adventure were planted. After many hours of blood, sweat, and tears Captain Zoetrope finally got his heart breaking tale down onto hard-drive. A space adventure of mammoth porportions, it is the story of two beings exploring the depths of space and human emotion. A tale of beginnings and endings, creation and destruction, and love and hate Captain Zoetrope is a story for lovers of Science Fiction, Comic Books, Fantasy, Suspense, Rock Opera, Indepedent and Acoustic music, and good ol' fashioned love stories.

THE RUMORS ARE TRUE kiddies, we have written, recorded, and posted a brand new chapter! Captain Zoetrope vs. The darkness of time is sure to be a hellraiser of a tale featuring time travel and a cameo by a certain Fascist Dictator (in chapters to come) A great many thanks as always to the other members of Team Zoetrope, Amber Lee(www.purevolume.com/amberlee) and Chris Hunter
(www.purevolume.com/christophershunter) who is the producer and engineer of the new chapter,



  • wait....i forgot to hit the button. said:
    Justin, you are a good pal. In my opinion, the songs we wrote together turned out to be the best songs I have on my page. It\'s still funny how we came up with the idea to write Butterflies and Bowties. Those times in the audio room when we just hung out were some of the best times of my high school experience. And I don\'t think you\'re a slacker! Apr 02
  • wait....i forgot to hit the button. said:
    Hey justin, your AWESOME. I mean it too! I\'m not kidding like all of the other people. It\'s me Chris from www.purevolume.com/christophershunter Apr 01
    Honestly...this is amazing! But what\'s going to happen next????? I love that \"Liftoff\" song! HaHa, the yee-haw at the beginning is superb! Nice wrok, and keep the chapters coming! Nov 18
  • MELLOW WINE said:
    So I must say I quite enjoy \"The Fantastic Adventures of Captain Zoetrope and IC-2812\" except I\'ve heard that the person playing Jane3Alpha is the reason this \"rock opera-ish\" play has not gained much recognition...hahaha...seriously AMAZING JOB....everyone should listen to this! Aug 20