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Genres: Ambient / Indie / Rock

Location: Orlando, FL

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4 tracks

Members: Dave, Adam, Jonny, Andrew, Corey

On their EP Passage:

Passage is an expression of everything we have learned in the last two years as artists and as brothers working together towards something greater than anything we thought it could be. The last time we were in the studio, we did not know who we were or what Camerae could become. This time was much different. We felt the urge to start recording even before we had finished writing all the songs for the album. They were literally pouring out of us. The lyrics were jumping straight onto pages, and even in the studio we were basically recording a song a day, with nearly all of our first cuts being passionate and solid, an unbelievable pace considering how we had never worked with Evan and Brock of Starlight Studios before. They really helped us get the most content and the best sound out of ourselves.

I have basically lived with the Kress brothers in one form or another in the 9 or so years since my house burned down, Dave Dobarganes speaks of guitarists Andrew and Jon. All of us had grown up around music, art, writing, photography, the value of creativity is the core that drives us. We excelled in school, but didn not really dedicate ourselves to it. We were lucky enough to meet enough talented people (bassist Adam Fletcher) there who all (coincidentally) played a different instrument. Since childhood we had enjoyed improving our individual abilities and creative process. Our families never had everything. We learned through adversity and built our band with our sweat and blood. Completing our lineup with (drummer) Michael Mascheri after a few minor music projects, our diverse sound and our fellowship has solidified along with our foundation.

The title Passage, like the lyrical content in the songs themselves, is a sharp word with multiple edges. A rite of passage: growing, evolving, graduating to a higher stage and making an album with a complete vision and deafening style. An alleyway: a secret passage leading to exciting and unexplored places in art and music. A story: a passage complete with characters, clever and capricious use of words and meanings, a promising beginning and an end that delivers.

Reaching out to fans with an infectious live show that (it should be noted with the state of modern rock) sounds just as good as the recordings, Camerae soar, or more appropriately, dances past accepted norms, all the while innovating as a driving force but still connecting to listeners. Passage selectively blends ambient beauty and toe-tapping groove with intense delivery and exciting tempo. The power of this release will take Camerae all the way around the United States in 2009, and from there into the hearts and minds of many who are starving and ready for their deep, friendly, and fun artistry.


  • BabiesOnXanax said:
    Heard of you guys from Sound We Sleep... Love both of you guys! hope to go to one of your shows Nov 17
  • jenna. said:
    you guys are really good, thanks for the message. (: Apr 12
  • Lindsey said:
    you guys sound good to me =) def just got added to my favorites ;) Apr 02
  • s[he] be[lie]ve[d] said:
    You guys sound really cool, wheres the new song: tell me tell me? Mar 15
  • Almost Gone said:
    I really like this. Feb 12
  • nateSuiCiDe said:
    i love u guys :) truly amazingg Feb 09
  • DiffRnTkind0fEm0-o said:
    i like your first song...istalkit. keep me updated and keep it going Feb 06
  • Brokenpaperwings said:
    u guys have a good sound...i really like the guitar melodies. Good job, I like it. =) Feb 02
  • laura said:
    wow ! i really like this. the vocals are hott and the beat is good. this song is really good :] is it downloadable ?? btw thanks for the message Feb 02
  • R. said:
    really enjoy the track! great work guys. Feb 02
  • kim barakat said:
    Thanks for the message :D You guys are incredible, Feb 01
  • SoCalDesmond said:
    Oh yeah I'm feeling the song guys, nice work. Feb 01
  • eerinundead. ™ said:
    so, i've decided. i'm in love with you.(: Feb 01
  • Sydaysha! said:
    Rofl. :D Thanks for the message. And, I loved that stache. Until it fell off. D: Lol. You guys are good. Jan 31
  • Monica said:
    Thanks for deciding that I am cool enough to listen to your song. :D It sounds stupendous and I can't wait for more! Jan 31


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