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Learn Why You'll need Psychotherapy

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Carl Jung discovered that our dreams are produced through the wise unconscious mind, which possesses undoubtable wisdom. However, he was afraid to totally trust the unconscious mind while he couldn't see the entire content of the human psyche.

Jung knew that there was craziness in the human brain, but he couldn't know where it may be. Therefore, he didn't completely agree on obeying the unconscious mind. He figured the unconscious mind is a great counselor. However, he believed that we should make our decisions based on what our own conscience decides.

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I came across the anti-conscience, the wild side of our conscience, that has satanic characteristics and is totally absurd. The anti-conscience occupies the biggest part of our brain. Which means that we are basically wild primates. We must develop our intelligence and our sensitivity in order to be balanced.

I came across that the unconscious mind has a saintly nature and I accepted to exactly obey the unconscious guidance, without doing what my ignorant, absurd, and evil conscience desired. For this reason I had been cured from my dangerous neurosis. This is why I had been able to continue Carl Jung's research and cure many people through dream therapy since 1990. Only thanks to my obedience towards the unconscious wisdom, could I surpass my teacher, and discover a lot more.

Carl Jung's method of dream interpretation gives us a solution we didn't anticipate finding. He managed to understand how we are able to comprehend the wise guidance of the divine unconscious mind that works like a doctor and teacher. The unconscious thoughts are our savior.

All dream images contain messages with information and lessons that protect your tiny human conscience in the attacks in our satanic anti-conscience. The anti-conscience is a demon. Since it occupies the largest a part of our brain, this means that we're merely monsters who possess a tiny human conscience; that is absurd and should be developed because it is one-sided.

The terrorism, the violence, the poverty, and all sorts of another horrors that characterize the world prove that people are totally insane.

The cruel indifference to the misery of the poor by those who have an appropriate life proves that we are not really human. We are merely demons who have a very tiny and deficient human conscience. For this reason our world is really a living hell and so many mental disorders torture the human race.

The divine unconscious mind allows us to eliminate our evil anti-conscience and cultivate real goodness in our hearts.

Only goodness can save us from suffering, but we're constantly induced to choose what is bad. We reside in a global ruled by immorality, violence, and greed. Money is most people's god because anyone who has money decide our destiny.

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Our planet is gradually being destroyed by wars and pollutions, and by our absurd indifference as to the is bad.

We need psychotherapy.

Only when we obey the precious unconscious guidance within our dreams (and the religious teachings from all religions) are we able to be cured from our absurdity and completely develop our intelligence. We should also develop our sensitivity. Otherwise, we will never be balanced.

My work opens your vision demonstrating the truth because it is. If you want to find balance and live happily, you have to help your personality. This is indispensable. You have no choice.

Even though you believe that you're a normal person and you feel that you are sensible and sensitive, this is not true. The largest a part of your mind belongs to your evil anti-conscience. Only because you have inherited this content in your brain, which means that you're already crazy from birth.

The minimum logical balance you've acquired because of divine providence isn't enough to protect you from the craziness you've inherited. You have received a human conscience because you must obey the unconscious guidance inside your dreams to be able to completely develop your intelligence through consciousness.

You need to also develop your sensitivity and discover peace. You have to discover your spiritual reality behind the fabric one. Only wisdom, love, generosity, sincerity, and compassion can help you find sound mental health and happiness in everyday life.

Therefore, stop believing that evilness is one thing 'smart'. Stop being indifferent to your own absurdity and also to the absurdity around the globe.

Stop following the crazy mindset of the civilization. The data from the absurd world cannot help you find balance. Your idiotic conscience cannot help you find peace. You'll need superior help.

Follow the wise guidance of your unconscious doctor, and learn to be wise. Learn how to continually be calm. Learn how to continually be self-confident.

Your psychotherapy is very important, not just for you personally.

We want your contribution.

What can you do to save humanity from suffering?

We need your creativity. We want your extraordinary personality.

Posted May 25, 2012 at 11:01am