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The truth that some people have decided to measure the intelligence of the individual through the principle of an IQ make sure label them 'stupid' or something like that near to this kind of implication is in itself obnoxious. Try asking these people to define the word intelligence and you'll start wondering whether these people are as intelligent as they want you to think. The one who initially came up with this intelligence testing tool did not intend it to end up having this type of perverse use as determining the amount of intelligence certain individuals have. The IQ test wasn't meant to be put to such discriminative use.

Once a persons IQ is supposedly tested, of what use should such information be placed to? This is a question that a person should start thinking about before they are able to start justifying the fact that you can discriminate against one person because you personally seem to believe that there is a lower level of intelligence than you. The IQ test wasn't intended for this type of negative reason but what can be said about the person who created it's that he was intelligent enough to warn people to not use the test for perverse reasons. But no, those who did not have a submit the development of the instrument went ahead and chose to just do what the person who developed the instrument warned against before others realized the usefulness from the instrument. Who is intelligent in this instance?


Intelligence is the capability to learn which is something that an IQ test is meant to determine. The amount of a persons' intelligence does not necessarily mean that they'll never learn. Try mentioning somebody who has not learnt a single thing within their lives and that we know that they are not intelligent. Considering what takes place within an individuals' life being that they are born, things are a learning process. Therefore, everyone has their very own intelligence level but it doesn't mean that this can now be determined and fingers can begin being pointed to express that certain is intelligent and also the other the first is not. The IQ test may not differentiate a more intelligent person in the other for how long one is given time they could reach a certain level of intelligence depending using the situations to which they've been exposed to.

An amount an IQ test tell in regards to a neurosurgeon who performs operations every single day on patients but still winds up smoking a few cigarettes after the day? True they could conduct surgeries and save life, but what can you say about the fact that they keep on cigarette smoking even though it has been continually said that cigarettes cause cancer? There is a cobbler you never know this and they don't smoke. Where is the intelligence in these a couple?

According to the IQ test, there is no telling who's more intelligent. Try carrying out the deba6te about the different intelligence amounts of individuals and find out what's going to happen throughout the debate. Many find yourself disagreeing that certain person is more intelligent compared to other. Which omits the question, could it be really essential to execute an IQ test? And when it is, should fingers be pointed at an individual as a less intelligent person on some experiment that does not understand how to define or quantify what intelligence is in the first place?

Posted Oct 22, 2012 at 1:48pm