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Genres: Hardcore / Rap

Location: Brooklyn, NY

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Members: Cage

New Cage video out today on MTV! Directed by Shia LaBeouf

Cage featured in LA Weekly

The Actor Becomes a Director: With Shia LaBeouf and Chris "Cage" Palko, Making the "I Never Knew You" Video
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Cage Interview with shabooty.com

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Cage Video Interview with Hip Hop Official

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  • Snow said:
    Dec 17
  • ve sinh chamclean said:
    good songs! AMAZING! Have a good day! Dec 09
  • Tina Mass said:
    Love it May 07
  • Mikaila said:
    You are really awesome!♥ Feb 21
  • adriana barbour said:
    I love your work! Sep 19
  • kalikilltastic said:
    YOUR AMAZING!!!! Jun 25
  • Xx_Rubber-Band_xX said:
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  • MIly said:
    I want to go to the Glasshouse so Bad to see you perform!!! x( Dec 05
  • hampaslupa said:
    astig sakto lng sya sa tenga Oct 13
  • PinkHairedVixen said:
    I Really LOVE Your Lyrics!! I Havent Heard True Music Like This In Soooo Long, Keep It Up And Ill Keep Buyin! Sep 08
  • Clandestine said:
    your music is absolutely amazing. follow the bleeder is definitely my favorite. i plan on buying all of your music. innovative beats and gives me a totally different view of rap. love it. Sep 05
  • Chez whiz said:
    I just watched your new video " I Never Knew you" amazing. Shia did an awesome job. I watched it like 5 times in a row. Jul 30
  • Pedals of the Heart Vocalist said:
    Check out the awesomeness! We promise it wwon't be a waste of your time. :) http://www.purevolume.com/pedalsoftheheart! We would love you forever if you did! :) Thanks! Jul 20
  • Chez whiz said:
    'I never knew you', is a sick track. I like your stuff dude, keep it up :) Jul 19
  • Harald3011 said:
    If you like Kanye West's song Heartless you should check out my remix of it. It's kinda experimental with some piano and techno sounds. Check it out :) http://www.purevolume.com/djkpard 8 hours ago Jul 19

Depart From Me

Jul 07, 2009

I Never Knew You EP

May 18, 2009

Hells Winter

No release date

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