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Byron Warfield


Genres: Rock / Blues / Christian

Location: Knoxville, TN

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Members: Byron Warfield

Byron Warfield is a multi-instrumentalist singer/songwriter...he plays the guitar, bass, keys, drums, and sings . He got saved when he was 15 years old at the Prayer and Healing Center in Albany, NY. Here we have a man with a great and Christ-centered vision for revival and change. Byron says that, "God gave me these gifts, and I intend to use them for his glory, music is the most powerful medium today that anyone could use to convey an emotion or idea... This is what its about, Jesus ...nowadays believers want to hear rock oriented music with soul, and flare. Sure there's plenty of great christian artists out there; but nine times out of ten when a believer wants to listen to good classic rock, they go buy a Led Zeppelin, or Pink Floyd album. My music is a very original and very spiritually healthy alternative. Name one Christian Classic Rock album with phenomenal music and well crafted lyrics that bring you into intimacy with Christ...I think at this point in time somebody needs to really raise the bar and set new standards for what people want and expect to hear." He started playing drums on various worship teams about 6 years ago...a year after getting serious on the set, Byron doubled up on the guitar...and once in a while he'd tinker around and pick up some stuff on bass. The first band he was in was called The Remnant (Byron was the drummer); which was a 5 piece powerhouse christian progressive rock band. God clearly didn't intend that to work out...Out of the ashes of The Remnant came Diagnosis Free, in which Byron was a founding member. Diagnosis Free is a Christ-centered progressive, fusion, and jam band. In August of 2004, God called Byron back to East Tennessee where it all began. After getting back to Knoxville he started attending Cornerstone (now Whitestone) Church. Where he's alternating between playing keyboards, bass and electric guitar on the praise team. The most active ministry he's currently involved in is Seed Company, where he's the lead guitarist. Seed Company is a praise team ministry that's been a part of Carson Newman since the early 70's. Since joining Seed Company, he's received the blessing of being able to record (pro bono, "for free") in Studio B of RCA/ Victor Studios in Nashville, TN...The very studio where the likes of Elvis Pressley, Chet Atkins, Roy Orbison, Waylon Jennings, and many more legends have recorded. MOST IMPORTANT OF ALL...he's been able to take the word of God through music to as far north as Plattsburgh, NY and as far south as Gulf Shores, AL. The distinguishing factors that you will make note of is that what you hear is drastically different from what is on Top 40 Secular and Christian Radio...however the music you hear is very radio friendly. With the music of Byron Warfield you'll get real lyrics, and real music to support the message of the song. Here's a final message from Byron "I hope you all enjoy this music that was inspired by the Spirit of the Living God...I pray that it ministers to you and that God will keep this train rolling...This is music that you can without question enjoy, appreciate, and feel..."

Byron is currently sifting through approx. 20 original songs so he can find the best 3 to make a proper demo in Late February/Early March '09.

Any questions, concerns, feel free to contact Byron...and he will try and answer promptly and to the best of his abilities.


  • sangin4mylord said:
    so are you in seed company? So I was supposed to be in it when I was going to CN. I transfered schools, so I never ended up doing it! I looked at the pictures and I recognized 2 people and I was like oh wow, seed company....very cool! God Bless~ Blair Lee Jul 08

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