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Burning Theory


Genres: Rock / Alternative / Post Hardcore

Location: Bartlesville, OK

Stats: 233 fans / 40,931 plays / 24 plays today





4 tracks

Members: Kenny, Chris, Jake, Aaron, Daniel


Hello and welcome to our purevolume page. We are Burning Theory, we are INDEPENDANT regional touring band from NE Oklahoma. We work our butts off everyday perfecting and promoting our craft. We have been together for over 4 years and we are proud of the fact that we are INDEPENDANT! Alot of people dont realize how hard of work it is to truly be an independant band and start from scratch and try to do all the things a label can do for you. Its hard, but we love it. We want to say thanks to you right now for checking out our page and listening to our music. If you dig what you heard, please feel free to download all our songs that are available and show your friends, give them away, or whatever youd like. If you didnt dig our music, were sorry, not everyones into our stuff and we hope you will like the new stuff in the future. If you REALLY like us and you want to support 5 crazy dudes who give it all they have to try and follow their dreams you can buy our newest cd either on iTUNES, Napster, or Rhapsody OR you can purchase a hard copy from us through paypal. For everyone who doesnt know what "INDEPENDANT" means, it means that we book, promote, and travel to our shows on our own money. We record albums, promote, package, distribute our cd's on our money and time. We do everything OURSELVES , i guess were what you can call "The Little Guy" at this point. So please if you enjoy our stuff, please help us out, make a change in the music scene, support the independant guys. We thank everyone so much for visiting our page and at least taking the time to check us out, drop us a comment and let us know what you think. We hope to see at a show someday, keep the rock alive. -BT


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  • S_K said:
    Hey you guys have a good sound, I like \"Element of Beauty\" keep it up Jul 25
  • ERIN76 said:
    the lead singer has an amazing voice and i love the guitars and drums!! Jun 28
  • sonecaaa said:
    awesome band^^ Jan 02
  • fabix_016 said:
    tienen buena music yo soy d colombia nus tamos ablando bye Nov 12
  • said:
    wow.that was amazingt.some of the best music ive ever heard in my life.I CANT WAIT FOR SOME MRE STUFF!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Nov 11
  • +Helena+Bass+ said:
    Hey!!Guys,I really liked your song! It\'s awesome! And I really apreciate the fact of being independant...because i know how hard it is,\'cuz I have a band too,and we\'re trying,just like you guys,but we don\'t have money to record a CD...we\'re still in my drummer garage!!! hahaha...We do small shows and stuff,but we don\'t give up! And you,keep doing the great job!you\'re awesome,And i know one day i\'ll go see you in a show here in Brazil!!!! haha...Kisses! Once again,congrats!!! Nov 11
  • JaCkie said:
    You guys are pretty damn good. You say you`re a mix with Metal. I don`t hear it though =\\ Sounds more, hardcore/rock/alternative. But It`s still really good. Cheers -jackie. Nov 10
  • loveyoulongtime said:
    OMG! if you like this you\'ll love LOVE YOU LONG TIME\'s party rock. Nov 09
  • Posth said:
    good post hxc ^^ Nov 08
  • galmikeg said:
    you guys are ok Nov 08
  • rock_girl said:
    Hey, just thought that I would sent you guys a comment. I really love your stuff. You really create great music. I can really see you guys making a dent in the music scene. Rock on! Nov 04
  • skater_man said:
    yall rock Aug 17
  • skater_man said:
    yall rock Aug 17
  • sylviazxxxherexxx said:
    love your music. Jul 11
  • Loveispain42104 said:
    I love you Chris... haha... i love the band... Mar 08

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