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Genres: Metal / Hardcore / Death Metal

Location: Bandung, Indonesia

Stats: 202 fans / 11,002 plays / 46 plays today





4 tracks

Members: Vicky - Vocals, Ebenz - Guitar, Andris - Drums, Agung - Guitar, Ramdan - Bass

Originating from Bandung, West Java, Burgerkill were formed in 1995 and have been continually shaping the underground metal scene in Indonesia ever since. For 16 years Burgerkill have consistently been in the spotlight as a force to be reckoned with in Indonesian metal, from writing compositions for movie soundtracks to the successful publication of autobiographic novels.

Their first album, 'Dua Sisi', demonstrates the band's beginnings as a leaning towards a predominantly 'Hardcore Metal' and was well received within the underground metal community. With their second album 'Berkarat' and their most recent 'Beyond Coma and Despair' Burgerkill have found their foot-hole and developed a style of their own. Burgerkill set the standard for live metal performances in Indonesia, and have always been a clear cut above the rest. What you hear on the album is what you get live - no disappointments. Their style and level of performance are incomparable to anything previously seen or heard in Indonesia. Burgerkill have become veterans of the metal stage as they are regularly supporting International metal acts touring Indonesia such as The Black Dahlia Murder, As I Lay Dying, and Himsa.

Burgerkill is a dynamic composition of talented musicians who have all individually featured as prominent influences within Indonesia's underground metal milieu. With Vicky on vocals, Ebenz on guitar, Ramdan on bass, Andris on drums, and Agung on guitar, the result is a lethal combination of musicians who, as if by instinct, produce a most rancorous sound that leaves you feeling downright butchered. Self produced and Burgerkill's most recent album, 'Beyond Coma and Despair' has been tagged by Rolling Stone Magazine as 'One of the best albums of the year' (2006). As true innovators in the scene, Burgerkill are a testimony for all things Metal, and not just within Indonesia. With fans all over the world, Burgerkill have become a global phenomenon. And having tons experience on the Metal scene, including tours in Australia and South East Asia, with performances alongside Lamb Of God (USA), DevilDriver (USA), In Flames (SWE), All That Remains (USA), Unearth (USA) and many more internationally renowned bands, at Soundwave Festival 2009 and Big Day Out 2010.

For years Burgerkill have stood the test of time and proven to the world they are a force to be reckoned with! For years Burgerkill have unleashed hell on-stage, exhibiting an attitude and energy like no other. For years BURGERKILL have pushed the barriers and gone way over the line all in the name of Metal. In June 2011 Burgerkill again enrapture the world with the release of their new album 'Venomous'. More captivating and enthralling than ever before, Burgerkill prove once again that there are no barriers in Metal and have established themselves as a internationally acclaimed band. There is nothing mediocre about the album Burgerkill attack each song with great ferocity. 'Venomous' is a unique album in that each song churns out a colossal sound, delivering to the listener an unrelenting assault on the eardrums. 'Venomous' more than proves with absolute certainty that Burgerkill will reign eternal in the metal world.

Burgerkill Management
Jl. Gumuruh No.171
Bandung 40275
West Java, Indonesia
Phone & Fax: +62 22 7309730
E-Mail: burgerkillofficial@yahoo.com

Booking & Contact :
Dadan Ketu
+62 8211 7066600
+62 818 02078673

Website :

And follow us on Twitter : @burgerkill666


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