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The Language of Pheromones

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For the woman, the language of pheromones does not have only a logical meaning - as it does for most men - but also and especially an emotional meaning. This does not mean that men do not have feelings according to http://www.acimeksikabiberhapi.com/small-doses-of-pherazone.

Men do have feelings towards pheromone attraction, but they are able to keep their feelings at a level of lesser importance than are women in love and social relationships. For this reasons, words such as "flower", "sky", or "eyes", or "mouth", or even entire phrases may have very different meanings in different contexts for a man than for a woman. They can be felt in a totally different way by a woman in spite of the fact that on a rational level these are words with the same meaning for both genders. Thus whole phrases and pheromone concepts may be interpreted in completely different ways by a man or a woman. Learn more about pheromones at http://www.iktak.net/project/94.

This difference between the genders is the basis for happiness in love. The same difference, however, also creates a constant tension between the sexes, which is at the basis of sexual attraction. Sadly, the same differences are also the source of some difficulties and problems experimented by couples in love and pheromonal relationships according to http://mapa-net.net/pherazone-pheromones-arouse-women/.

Getting to know the differences between the sexes and being able to apply them to pheromone seduction will give you the possibility of learning how to become an irresistible seducer. The same skills will also help you to improve your relationships with women. Being aware of the different language and different psychology of the woman can make a man able to awaken the sexual desire of a woman and keep her in a state of constant excitation . In that way the man can make a relationship very satisfactory on both an emotional and a sexual level , for both himself and the woman. 

Thank God! No more headaches from her, but rather a constant sexual interest! She’ll be the one jumping your bones… One important thing: the art of pheromone seduction cannot be learned only from books! This manual will help you to find the right way. 

Without the use of your brain and legs, however, you will not get results of any kind. You must do the field work! To become an expert seducer you need to meet women and talk to them and seduce them with pheromone scents. No theory can substitute constant practice. The only way to get results and to learn and improve in the art of pheromone seduction is constant practice. After all, what waits for you at the end of the road is such a pleasant reward! Nothing can be obtained in life without application and dedication. Not even pleasure. So read this book, learn how to do it and start your field work!


Posted Mar 18, 2015 at 4:27am