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Protesters Build Wall Of Oil Barrels At Alberta Legislature

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The prayer was challenged by Melanie Bell , whose two sons attend Dr. Hamman School and had come home in tears more than once when school officials punished them for failing to Kardashian participate in the class prayer, which the children had not learned to learn more recite at home. Bell says she tried to find alternative solutions for her children, but no other local schools had room to allow them to transfer, and she argued that her sons were very likely to become targets for bullying if they left class during the prayers. She further believed that having to listen to school-sanctioned prayer, even as non-participants, was a violation of the childrens right to religious freedom. Her family comes from http://johnathanruhe.soup.io/post/366105527/Dvd-Contents-Alice-In-Wonderland-108-Minutes a Christian background, but she does not believe her children should be forced to pray, and she was troubled by the absence of all other belief systems from the schools prayer routine, which gave the appearance of discrimination and official favoritism. Said Bell: Im not for or against [school prayer]. Im saying if you are going to do it, then diversify.
More: http://www.patheos.com/blogs/friendlyatheist/2013/11/15/alberta-school-now-prayer-free-but-for-how-long/

It should reach the Slave River and Great Slave Lake close to the beginning of December. (CBC) Related Stories Alberta coal mine spill worries water expert The Northwest Territories Environment Minister says toxins from a massive coal mine spill in Alberta are making their way north. On Oct. 31, Sherritt International's Obed Mountain coal mine spilled about 1 billion litres of contaminated water into the Athabasca River. The mine is no longer operating. The spill happened when a retaining wall collapsed, unleashing the equivalent of about 400 Olympic-sized swimming pools of contaminated water. The Alberta government says the contaminated water is now making its waythrough the Athabasca River and the Peace River.
More: http://www.cbc.ca/news/canada/north/alberta-coal-mine-spill-heading-to-n-w-t-1.2428615

That is what we would like the government of Alberta to do." The high court justices stressed the basic importance of freedom of expression in the context of labour disputes. They said Alberta's privacy law imposed restrictions on the union's ability to communicate and promote its case during a legal strike. Justices Rosalie Abella and Thomas Cromwell, writing for the court, said the privacy act does address important issues and seeks to give people a measure of control over personal information. "The price (the act) exacts, however, is disproportionate to the benefits it promotes," they wrote. They said Alberta's privacy act is overly broad.
More: http://www.montrealgazette.com/business/Supreme+Court+Canada+gives+Alberta+union+picketline/9170653/story.html

Were seeing more and more extreme weather events around the world. It was only a week ago that we saw record typhoons hit the Philippines, causing immense damage there, said Hudema, who also mentioned the extreme flooding seen across southern Alberta this summer. Greenpeace's Mike Hudema said more and more Albertans are getting fed up with the environmental and climate impacts of expanding oilsands operations. (CBC) These events are becoming more and more frequent the longer we delay action on climate change. Protesters in Edmonton built a wall of 116 oil barrels across the legislature steps to represent the amount of carbon dioxide Shells Jackpine Mine expansion will produce every second if the plan is approved. Now, Hudema said, those gathered outside the legislature want to see the government take action on emissions an issue he thinks is particularly important in Alberta.
More: http://www.cbc.ca/news/canada/edmonton/protesters-build-wall-of-oil-barrels-at-alberta-legislature-1.2429435

Alberta highways in poor winter driving conditions, travel not recommended

The UNA says that the report shows that there are 584 full-time positions of nursing in the province at present. AHS would like to see an `optimized' total number of 512 positions, a fall of 72 positions. At present, there are 747 working nurses while AHS is aspiring to make a new count of 607 nurses. Heather Smith, President of the United Nurses of Alberta (UNA), says, "AHS is taking out advertisements saying they're looking for more full-time nurses but they're not looking to hire". As per the Alberta NDP, internal documents obtained from Alberta Health Services prove that the province is planning to decrease approximately 200 hospital nursing jobs.
More: http://topnews.us/content/258776-alberta-health-services-push-hire-nurses-intentionally-misleading

He announced that henceforth state-owned companies would be able to buy majority stakes in Canadian oil sands only in exceptional circumstances. "This isn't just about state-owned enterprises in China. Unfortunately many of us who are looking to equity firms in different parts of the world have heard commentary that there's so much uncertainty right now with respect to the rules in Canada that it's giving them pause," Redford said. The premier added that these were "sophisticated investors who understand that there's always going to be a little give and take. But the rules have been changing so quickly and so unilaterally in Canada for far too long." Redford said there had been a "drastic drop in volume" of merger and acquisition activity from foreign investors in the last year. Redford is from the provincial Progressive Conservative Party, part of the same family as the federal Conservative Party but widely seen as closer to the center. Her remarks were the strongest public comments among the 10 provincial premiers, which agreed as a group on the need to reassure international investors that Canada remains open to investment.
More: http://news.yahoo.com/alberta-canadas-harper-clarify-foreign-investment-rules-220734107--business.html

Alberta to Canada's Harper: Clarify foreign investment rules

A combination of heavy snow, dropping temperatures and wind has created whiteout and treacherous driving conditions on several Alberta highways. At least one fatal collision has been reported in the Valleyview area, about 350 kilometres northwest of Edmonton. RCMP were called to a single vehicle rollover on Highway 43, about 20 kilometres south of Valleyview, this link around 6:15 Friday night. The man driving the vehicle and only person inside at the time was pronounced dead at the scene. RCMP advise against travel on several Alberta highways Saturday, including the QEII from Edmonton to Calgary.
More: http://globalnews.ca/news/971634/alberta-highways-in-poor-winter-driving-conditions-travel-not-recommended/


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