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DotComSecrets X - Totally Unbiased Review

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about one month, studying the training videos daily, starting my free lead capture pages, my opt-in codes and auto-responders, starting my solo ads, doing the conversations within the Facebook Group, the whole experience.

I&rsquove learned a lot of things I didn&rsquot know or at least needed to be reminded of. I came across the program to meet the &ldquohype&rdquo when it comes to exactly what it intentions to deliver and while there are some upsells in the process, I offered them all. And even without upsells which are designed to shortcut your learning curve, Russell Brunson covered every one of the basis with this program.

If I was given the ability to take part in this high level of an program couple of years ago after i began affiliate marketing &ndash from a long and prolific career in mortgage banking I&rsquod have spent considerably less cash training and believe I&rsquod be farther ahead during my website marketing journey.

So Although I used to be skeptical initially, I have to obtain the program a pretty solid A-.

Here&rsquos things i believe are the Top 10 Listing of Reasons Which Make DotComSecrets X definitely worth the $1.00 Investment and 1 month of energy:

10) Free DCS monthly Journal - monthly or possibly semi-monthly magazine that is all about online marketing.
9) Tons and tons of video training on sets from hosting accounts to doing ad-swaps and all things in between.
8) Training on doing solo ads to develop a list very quickly.
7) Accessibility to the Website Marketing Illuminati - which mind you has next to nothing to complete with the gang that is a &ldquopurported conspiratorial
organization which is imagined to mastermind events and control world affairs through governments and corporations to create a
New World Order&rdquo. Although I am going to admit the term &ldquoIlluminati&rdquo was obviously a turn off in my experience to start with the primary reason I didn&rsquot join or endorse the Illuminati course earlier.
6) Usage of Russell Brunsons monthly sketch casts which are videos of Russell providing training on various web marketing and list
building strategies which let you stay abreast of the countless changes that happen in this business.
5) Access and understanding many other great tools and programs to shortcut your learning curve.
4) For you self liquidating offers (slo&rsquos) including free amazing landing pages.
3) Membership into a group of like minded, awesome people - all family interaction to perform the same goal.
2) Focused on merely one element of marketing &ndash internet affiliate marketing - as opposed to a broad training on multiple areas
which in my opinion only overwhelms as well as may be the explanation of most peoples failure.
1) It Is $1.00!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Hello? Is anyone home? A world wide web millionaire who, in addition was not born into wealth but can be a self made internet millionaire who started from nothing and after this heads a $10million a year company wants to offer you a masters degree in website marketing for $1.00. If you should read any further than this to make a decision you have you win and EVERYTHING to gain &ndash i then&rsquom not sure what else I can say.

Creates this change Mean I Do Believe DotComSecrets X is for Everyone?

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Posted Mar 06, 2013 at 5:51pm