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Comments (22)

  • ace said:
    crazy bitch rocks my socks Oct 08
  • Death_face said:
    this is so fucken kick ass!!! Sep 16
  • rj031 said:
    this fucking songs rocks Aug 12
  • said:
    song is fuckin crazy May 03
  • chellnorcal707 said:
    song/s fuckin crazy ! love it Apr 19
  • myspace_one_x said:
    nice ass fuckin shit dudes yall should make another fuckin album!!! Jan 11
  • artard59 said:
    crazy bitch rocks me world. ROCK ON!!!! Jan 06
  • Notnow28 said:
    I love Crazy Bitch because I like I am one and I love being with one. You could say that it really speaks to the inner me. Dec 07
  • Amandaisemo said:
    you kick azz you rock my sox and you are my crazy bitch. Nov 28
  • ryanc123 said:
    YOU SUCK COCK!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! CRAZY BITCH IS THE MOST FUCKIN STUPID SONG I\'VE EVER HEARD. NEXT TIME, NEVER MIND PLEASE DON;T LET THERE BE A NEXT TIME FOR YOU. FUCK YOU!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Nov 04
  • russnewkumet said:
    crazy bitch is a great fucking song... literally... but really it rocks!!!!! Oct 26
  • noobzor123 said:
    crazy bitch rocks!!!!! It is such a badass song Oct 25
  • ifonlyuwerehere said:
    crazy bitch kicks ass Oct 02
  • ill_breakaway said:
    uh i love crazy bitch . duh cuz imma crazy bitch. =) Sep 27
  • clownhippy666 said:
    hell yea i love crazy bitch Sep 16