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Thus, Mega makers won't notice what are the user has uploaded, and so would not be responsible to justice. It is as much as the individual user's decision to share with you or not the important thing to others to access their content.
The new Megaupload 'Mega' already has domain

'Mega', based on its website is "bigger, better, faster, stronger and safer," further notes the lessons learned as soon as the closure of Megaupload and introduces new features to your destination never again be the same.
Maintain the power for users to keep and share files, though an important modification. The files which are uploaded to Mega is encrypted which has a key that the user will know, however, not responsible for the website.

Still didn't solve their legal problems by "Megaupload case", nonetheless its creator, Kim Schmitz, has announced that 'Mega', Megaupload substitute an identical system however with modifications to make certain their legal invulnerability, will likely be fully operational by January , 2013.
Megaupload was closed on January 19, 2012, twelve months after Kim says Mega can be a reality. On January 20, 2013 "that" button (photo) can change the world as it is the day that desires to reopen the defunct Megaupload.

Also, Mega makers undertake to remove the files you find a claim for breach of copyright, but here is the complainant himself who will have access to different encryption secrets to report the content.

The new project of Kim Dotcom, Megaupload founder, and it has self-control, me.ga, which ends up in a page that shells exactly what the new service: http://kim.com/mega. Not a. Com by choice, and so the intention would be to avoid at any cost and companies providing hosting and domains, that can from the United States.

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Posted Nov 04, 2012 at 11:16pm