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Bryan Hume


Genres: Rock / Classic Rock / Experimental

Location: United States

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Members: Bryan Hume (All Instruments)

Freshman at Chapman University - Business Major with a Music Minor. I'm open minded, fairly awkward, but pretty damn awesome once you get to know me. Proud member of Delta Tau Delta. You might say I like playing guitar and such. And maybe some clarinet. Bass and singing too? I guess it's a little much, but at least I'm terrible at sports. I think I'm doing the right thing though - nothing makes me happier.


  • Uncle Nick said:
    Dude, Just got done listening to "New Dawn." That is an amazing song. Your are EXTREMELY talented...more talented than Brett is--for sure. I would definitley buy your CD (when it comes out). How about giving "Uncle Nick" some of your songs for his iPod...especially the New Dawn song? New Dawn sounds like it could be part of a soundtrack to a movie. Keep up the great work. Talk to you soon. Nick A at the Bell Tower Mar 30
  • Greg Eagle said:
    Your voice sort of sounds like the lead singer of blink182. that transition was good at 5:45. KEEP THE SONGS COMING! Nov 28
  • Matt The Man said:
    Dude this song rocks!!!!!! I think this is my favorite so far. I can't wait to hear future songs!!!! Miss you man! Matt Nov 25

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