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Brunt of It

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Genres: Hardcore / Punk / Ska

Location: Allston/Rhode Island, MA

Stats: 583 fans / 129,842 plays / 4 plays today





4 tracks

Members: Boofish Nicrob JayPaul Kaptain Keenan SigmaPaul MitchManChu Davo

Brunt of it blends a mix of Old School Hardcore Punk with distorted, dissonant ska. Infectious choruses with driving beats are the backbone of their no bullshit sound. In their 15 year existence they have shared the stage with numerous national/regional acts. The current line up continues the tradition of hardcore punk, while embracing the ska element more with an addition of a killer horn sound.


  • tizzlebernizzle said:
    you should put bad sign up here, that song rules Apr 22
  • Blasphemy! said:
    are you guys going to playing any local shows soon? i wanna go, bad. ive been listening for about 3 years now and havent had the chance to go which sucks because you're apparently from a town about 40 minutes from me Mar 14
  • iseemochi said:
    i\'m infatuated with your style. speak the truth. Sep 24
  • Jc003 said:
    dudes he music u have is awesome!!!!!! I liked Lithium overdose for some reason idk y! Sep 15
  • chrisroxnc said:
    fucking awesome Jun 17
  • fark_you said:
    I saw you guys yesterday at the Bonanza...you guys were rad. Unfortunately I only caught you at the end of your set. It made my day to see you guys though. I LOVE YOU. Jun 03
  • Craig Nasty said:
    Add Comment here... Apr 27
  • Darius VonSpite said:
    sup!!!! you guys rock. it\'s darius the guy who asked you guys about hanford. whats goin on?!?!?! Apr 21
  • XD JeA... said:
    This shit is fucking amazing!! Apr 15
  • dropit88 said:
    We need bands like brunt of it in the next Warp Tour Mar 04
  • xbuthomeisnowherex said:
    Love your music, you guys rock, I helped make this, its pretty sweet, you should check it out, www.scriggleit.com. Hope it helps you. Peace, xbuthomeisnowherex Mar 01
  • said:
    Brunt of It is so Fucking Awesome.(Yes, Fucking is an adjective) Feb 13
  • Mikey Talented said:
    Add Comment here... Jan 16
  • soHYPED said:
    u guyz are insanely awesome Oct 20
  • heartbroken9191 said:
    ur da best rly da bst n evry1 luvs ya x Oct 07

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