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Brooke Annibale


Genres: Acoustic / Pop / Folk Rock

Location: Pittsburgh, PA

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My main website is now located at MySpace! come listen to brand new music on my myspace page!

my name is brooke and i'm from pittsburgh, pa. i like making music. i hope you like listening to it.

i've released two albums since 2005, as well as a 4-song EP. my latest album, "The In Between," was released in late March 2008. The title of the album is representative of the current stage of my life and music career... I'm in between where i'm from and where i'm going.

right now, my focus is to grow in my craft of writing. i just want to write the best songs that i can, and not settle for anything less. i'm trying to connect the dots between the music i've made and the music i want to make. drawing the lines isn't easy, but its an incredible process.

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  • nat said:
    brooke, do you remember me? nat, dan's friend, from brazil... :) Aug 06
  • Katie Fey said:
    great voice ! Apr 03
  • Jessica said:
    you\'re music is amazing and your voice is so captivating and i think it would be wonderful if you\'d post face on the moon or go unnoticed because i\'m absolutely in love with those songs. Jan 08
  • iamreprogramed said:
    wow, great music. best of luck to you. Nov 12
  • hell_taser1452 said:
    ur not that bad brooke annibale!!! maybe u will really get a contract a good one someday!!!! Oct 19
  • throwupyourrawkfist said:
    Oh my gosh!!!!!!!! Ur song crash really relates to me and like what Ive beent through... and am still going through.. You put my feelings into song. I lOVE this!!!! Its just perfect. Ilove your songs. Vocals are amazing. Keep it up please. God Bless You. Oct 15
  • throwupyourrawkfist said:
    WOW... Gurl U R awesome... its amazing to see someone with so much talent.. uve really inspired me to try to get better with my vocals/guitar. .. Ur voice is like so pretty.... and The guitar goes so well with it. KEep It up. Lots of potential!! Oct 15
  • islandparadise71 said:
    Hey, im kayla, im a friend of Lauren and Tara. You are soo amazing, i love your music. Good luck with everything! Dec 09

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