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Broken Silence (Ontario)


Genres: Rock / Alternative / Indie

Location: Brampton, ON

Stats: 19 fans / 15,971 plays / 16 plays today





4 tracks

Members: Daniel Lumia, Andrew Ly, Alex Magnaldo, Jay Esguerra

Broken Silence is:
Daniel Lumia - Vocals/Keyboard/Guitar
Andrew Ly - Vocals/Guitar
Jay Esguerra - Bass/Vocals
Alex Magnaldo - Drums


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  • said:
    you guys are prettyy original.. check out my band www.purevolume.com/fatesteppedin Jan 19
  • driftaway said:
    nice songs Jan 15
  • bigkickassfan said:
    hey its me nicole this iss the best band i have heard when i first heard u guys i turned into a fan in a sec k il ttyl guys l8r Jul 31
  • Kyle Latham said:
    you guys are awesome. Jul 20
  • underoathfan_2006 said:
    You guys live close to where i live and if you guys come to sarnia maybe i might just come and watch you guys.....yeah Jul 12
  • betweenthepages1 said:
    you guys are preety rad haha keep up the good work man ill keep listing haha Jun 11
  • said:
    hey guys!!! thanks for your demo i really like it:) its sounds really awesome ^.^great job to all of your keep it up i cant wait for more songs ^_^ Jun 06
  • Al Be Damned said:
    1st off...Who the hell is Katie and Alanna...Srry :D Jeez...I played some songs like 5 times and was boutta leave and refreshed the page and found that plays went up like 50...wow wtf... Tell us bout the Talent Show guys, like iunno when it even is... Still nice stuff, Worthless ALL THE WAY! Take it ez Late -Al Bee Damned :P Apr 04
  • ken0ken said:
    *sigh* hey its ken, i made an account just for u guys..and guess what i have nothing to say, u already know i hate ur music and all three of u so meh , have a good day...lol im kidding the music rocks!!!...and...errr..ya i love all three of u to! Apr 03
  • sweet_catastrophe43 said:
    Hey Broken Silence! Andrew knows who I am, this is Katie. Alanna\'s friend from Edmonton. Loving the band! Mar 31
  • RainyDays.Hearts said:
    Alright so I decided to check you guys out. I\'m really impressed by the songs you\'ve come up with. I love the lyrics to the songs, pretty awesome. Looking forward to more songs. -Amanda Toste. Mar 05
  • Al Be Damned said:
    Arite guys, nice new stuff! Fave bein Worthless (not really new, but still grate!) Tell me when u guys sendin the demos cuz i wud definately buy one! Take it ez, nice work guys! --Al Be Damned :P Mar 02
  • Al Be Damned said:
    Ey guys! lol, jus decided to say ey...nice songs, when r more comin? thot u guys were makin somemore at like lunch, one day...these ones r okay! take it ez! Feb 10
  • Kate_Cat said:
    hey guysss great songs i cant wait till the demo comes out YAY Jan 12

To Begin an Epic of Time

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New York, NY




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