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[]broken Iris


Genres: Ambient / Acoustic / Rock

Location: Gold River, CA

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4 tracks

Members: Danny Cocke, Steve Avery, Adam Roth, Alex Ashton, Chris Brawley, David Christensen

Striving to be free of limitations and to steer from the norm, []broken Iris has unleashed a unique and original force of sound. With a mixture of symphonic textures, ambient atmospheres, powerfully pristine vocals, and thought provoking lyrics, the band has carved a niche with a sound they can truly call their own. []broken Iris is steadily growing and gaining exposure with their debut album "The Eyes of Tomorrow" and they are definitely a band to look out for.


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  • Hamoodi Josef said:
    by far the best band i have heard in years! please carry on and dont give up the fight for fame and money! You guys deserve it! much love from london! Jul 09
  • broken-out sugar apple said:
    you guys are so awesome, so amazing, that people will have to come up with a new word to discribe how awesome you are :) I'm dying for a new album! Feb 12
  • Dita said:
    hey, check out my side project called Crown Ether at http://purevolume.com/CrownEther, thanks! Apr 29
  • MusicLoveAddiction♫ said:
    you guys are really good(: Mar 25
  • Dave said:
    I love everything about broken iris Nov 10
  • Liz said:
    i absolutely love you guys! your lyrics and instrument combos are amazing and always blow my mind! when can we excpect a new cd?!?!?! hopefully its soon because i'm dying for some more :) Jul 31
  • kirk said:
    yes, it's me again, i'v tried e-mail, and myspace, but i guess u havn't seen it. i reeeeaaaly want this album. not itunes, i want the original cd. the online store isn't working anymore, how can i get it?! Nov 22
  • Viola Vixen said:
    Love you guy Sep 30
  • brittany said:
    You guys are AMAZING!! No not even amazing! Something even better then that! By the way Dreamy Voice! Keep up the amazing Music =3 By the way my friends love you all to >w Aug 03
  • xbrightsidexshadowx said:
    You guys are amazing! I haven't had a chance to buy your album yet, but I come to this, and your Myspace every time I'm online. (Which is, haha, a lot) You are truly inspirational to those who are both listeners, and artists. Please, don't ever stop making music. It is truly your destiny---a gift to us, from your soul. Jun 12
  • Jonathan Ewen said:
    You guys will probobly never make it to Buffalo, but I had to let you know that I purchased your CD months and months ago and I'm still not bored of it. It is one of the few albums I own that I can let play from start to finish and love every minute of. I know it is way too early, but are their any estimations for a new song(s) / album? Apr 16
  • ponyboyy.PENGUIN! said:
    Woee what happend to playing at The underground on the 18th?! Apr 14
  • sights511 said:
    saw you guys play at chico yesterday/ pretty sweet stuff/ come back up > Apr 05
  • Angel of War said:
    I looooove your song, a New Hope. I cant wait \'till I can get ha hold of your CD, sounds good so far. :P ^.^. Jan 14
  • Don't said:
    I just love ya\'ll\'s music....everytime I listen to \"A New Hope\" I get chills....I wish ya\'ll would do a show in Jax, Florida! Until then, keep on rockin\'! Jan 10

[]broken Iris

Sep 01, 2007


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