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Broken Hero


Genres: Rock / Emo / Screamo

Location: Long Island, NY

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4 tracks

Members: Matt, Mike, Ricky, Andrew, Dan

As of Today, November 6th, 2005. Broken Hero has gone its course. Due to personal and profressional differences we've asked Dan to leave the band. The remaining 4 members have also decided to close the book on Broken Hero. We feel we've done all we can the 3 years as Broken Hero. It's time for a new beginning. Mike, Andrew, Matt, and Ricky are starting a new music project that has yet to be named. It will musically lean towards newer material Broken Hero had been working on. We're starting with a clean slate. All we can say is thank you so much to all those who have loved and supported us over the past 3 years, and we hope to see your continued support with our next musical endeavor. We'll be laying low for a while writing and recording new tracks, auditioning a new permanent drummer. Once again thank you so much for everything. We love you all.




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