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Broken Fall


Genres: Christian / Alternative / Rock

Location: Blacksburg, VA

Stats: 312 fans / 41,429 plays / 40 plays today





4 tracks

Members: Brandon, Jamie, Kristal, Richard, Greg, Matt


CD'S AVAILABLE ONLINE HERE FOR $10! You can also now buy the album on iTunes. Search for Broken Fall Wreckage and Reconciliation. Get pumped up!

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Broken Fall is a group of friends who met at Virginia Tech in Blacksburg, VA. The band formed in the fall of 2005 and began recording their first album "Wreckage and Reconciliation" by that same winter which was then released in June of 2006. The band has been playing around the area, on campus at Virginia Tech as well as Radford University.

Their hope is to spread the message of God's love to the student community especially in places where that story is often ignored or miscommunicated. They hope to show through their songs that God is involved in everyday life including relationships, difficulties, questioning, and even the death of loved ones.

God never leaves us and is waiting with outstretched arms in order to embrace us. It's up to us to accept that and then reach back and take hold of his hands. Through Jesus we find love, grace, mercy, strength, freedom, and forgiveness. The music of Broken Fall communicates this truth in a way that is relavent and honest.

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Read our interview.

Here's the article about the last show we did.


  • Grave89 said:
    i think i live right next to one of u, maybe not. I saw the broken fall sticker on a car on Warren St. anyway, its cool to find a good christian band in the area, keep spreading the word. god bless Nov 02
  • CHACHA! said:
    awesome :) Oct 17
  • Erika said:
    I really like the lyrics of Embrace. Jun 03
  • mlt2012 said:
    Disappear brought me to my knees. Mar 27
  • mlt2012 said:
    Amazing!!!!!!! I love that your using the gifts and talents to bring honor to Him. Keep doing what you are, you guys are awesome! Mar 27
  • dancingsushi♥ said:
    awesome! Feb 08
  • dancingsushi♥ said:
    awesome! Feb 08
  • shey said:
    i love your music. keep making great music for God. God bless you. Dec 24
  • yelenasboy said:
    you guys sound real good i think i'm going to buy your cd. it's really uplifting Sep 16
  • yelenasboy said:
    you guys sound real good i think i'm going to buy your cd. it's really uplifting Sep 16
  • Judson Rempel said:
    you guys are amazing!!!!! Jun 28
  • davedave said:
    I like the style of music. You guys are amazing. Keep doing the good work. Thanks for the free download too. May 15
  • Nate Pettit said:
    You guys are very brave to be so outward about your faith in such a hostile enviroment as a college campus. I'm in college I know and understand. None of my peers do though. They're all wrapped up in their own things and don't care for God. I like your music though May 10
  • cheesychuckie said:
    you guys are awesome!!! Psalm 20:1-5. Apr 23
  • codeXzero said:
    you have really good music. keep it up =] Jan 31


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