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Genres: Metal / Psychedelic

Location: Broadslab, NC

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4 tracks

Members: Johnny, Trucker, Wolfman, Jezebel, Notyhed, Jason

Hailing from the dusty outskirts of Benson, North Carolina, Broadslab combines the sounds of soulful and psychedelic mid-twentieth century rock and roll with todays dark themes and southern fried heavy metal sounds to create a powerful new sound that can only be described as southern soul metal. Broadslab take their name from a region known worldwide for its vast history in moon shining and bootlegging, and their music and live shows evoke the tales from their ancestors of high speed midnight runs and hair raising run-ins with the man.

Broadslab emerged from the studios at Volume 11 in North Carolina late last year with fourteen songs and over 100 minutes of music recorded for the debut double album entitled "Black Cat Bones ...And Graveyard Dirt." Shortly after, Broadslab set out to become rock and roll's next movement, climbing to the top of their local market with a fierce live show featuring Johnny Jernigan's searing vocals, and a pounding rhythm section with dual lead guitars laced over top.

The only thing more diverse than the members of Broadslab and their origins, is the music created when the six members get together. From the soft beauty of Brown Zeppelin to the electrifying organ on Reaper's Eyes; from the rhythmic pounding of Dope Martyr to the powerful vocals and intense drum work of Nine Circles, no one knows where a Broadslab show will end up. Only one thing is for certain, be prepared to be blown away. In a time where everything is candy coated with gimmicks and songs are full of breakdowns and flashy video-game guitar sounds; Broadslab bring music back to its truest and purest form.. songs full of soul with meaning behind the mayhem.

Broadslab have worked with or recorded in the past with a large list of acclaimed performers and engineers, including David Morse (Van Halen, Motley Crue), Mike Dean (Corrosion of Conformity), Ross Karpelman (Mystick Krewe of Clearlight, Down) Jamie King (Between the Buried and Me), the Reverend B. Dangerous (former Ozzfest Host and freak show extraordinaire) and Mistress Juliya (Trash Talk, former FuseTV). Broadslab also contains members previously signed to Tribunal Records and Jet Speed Records.

In addition to working with many important figures in todays musical landscape, Broadslab has also shared the live stage with many important bands, including the Sword, Sourvein, Zoroaster, Year Long Disaster, Nazareth with Manny Charlton, Alabama Thunderpussy, Weedeater, Gollum, Karl Agell's Blind, Trouble, Apiary, and the Funeral Pyre.

Look for the debut album, "Black Cat Bones ...and Graveyard Dirt," and while you're at it, look for Broadslab on a stage near you.




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