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Britt Nicole


Genres: Christian / Pop

Location: USA

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Welcome to the official purevolume site of pop Christian artist Britt Nicole! To get the latest news, info, shows and everything on Britt Nicole, friend her at myspaceand check out her Website page!

Every teenager needs an anthem. Every teenage summer needs a soundtrack. Every generation looks for a trusted leader of the parade that is LIFE; someone to look to for all things style and substance. From the first sound of percussive cant-sit-still rock-infused pop on Say It you get the sense that you might have just found the first official next big thing for 2007. Tracks like Set the World on Fire and You certainly feel anthemic and once you see newcomer Britt Nicoles heart for the youth of this generation it all starts to click. You may have just stumbled across all three.
With such noted producers at the helm as Tedd T. and Double Dutch, Britts Sparrow Records debut is a wonderfully textured effort mingling upbeat pop with pensive ballads. The title track, which Britt penned with Cindy Morgan, Jason Ingram and Tedd T. is among the young artists favorites. We were talking about how as people, we tend to live in the past a lot or in the future, she says. We rarely live in the NOW and God is in the now. Its about living in the moment. Thats really the message of Say It - From now on, every second of every minute, Im living in it.

The youthful and petite brunette speaks to her generation in a language they understand seamlessly transitioning from drinking chai tea and texting friends to the deep desire to inspire her peers to be consumed with a passion for God and to know Him deeply. I personally lived the experience of being raised in church all my life and being a part of youth group. I always sang about God, talked about God, read about God, but I knew, I knew, I knew that there was something more, shares Britt, who works with the youth group in her home church when she is not on the road. I meet a lot of young people who have been in church their whole life and know about God but dont really know Him as their Father and their friend. They see God as so far away and think Does he really understand me and does he really know what Im going through? My heart is to go into those dry, dry places that need water and fresh fire.

This heart for ministry is nothing new for Britt who at a young age was involved in with her grandfathers church and TV ministry, singing with her brother and cousin. Her roots go deep, stemming from a long line of loving, Godly family members which helped to develop her heart to sing and to develop her own unique path.

Britt, who started writing songs at 16 and has co-written every song on her upcoming release, has found her own direction for her writing and musical style, which is simply an outpouring of her depth and committed spiritual walk as a young woman who loves God intensely.

She doesnt simply sing about issues surrounding todays youth, but Britt shares from personal experiences such as her parents divorce when she was only seven years old. Dont Worry Now is a song that Britt explains actually healed her personally through writing it. "I talk about things (on the record) that I've struggled with, my weaknesses, hurts and own life experiences and just trying to be real," says Britt. Through Gods peace and healing in my own life, I feel that I can speak and sing of these things with genuine conviction and passion for those who are in similar places.

We all need a companion and confidant to get through lifes peaks and valleys someone to dance with, to cry with and to just be yourself around. For you it might be a journal, a best friend, that perfect summer soundtrack or all three. Meet Britt Nicole.


  • Jayna Emily said:
    Love you girl :) seen you in concert 3 or 4 times now! May 28
  • Anthony Cortes said:
    Ready! Feb 03
  • court9654 said:
    i love you sooo much! i met you at the youth convention in edmonton and it was amazing to see you in concert, i know all your songs and im so happy god has made your dreams come true! Oct 07
  • @teteiayh said:
    Love your songs. So cute *○* Jul 24
  • jesseRachelle said:
    thank you for keeping the beats and the messages both! very relative and encouraging thank you for using your gifts this way! (: May 17
  • Jacob J. said:
    You are awesome. May 06
  • Jacob J. said:
    I have one of your music vids and was the best investments ever. Qual-i-ty! Apr 26
  • freckels23@aim.com said:
    I love you [[: Your songs are so much more then just music. Jan 31
  • DellaForRella said:
    If you don't have Britt's new album, Lost Get Found, then you must be out of your mind!! Her debut album, Say It, is awesome too. Oct 03
  • Summer McAfee said:
    love her music how can i get singles to sing at church i love her songs...? Aug 18
  • The Jokester said:
    I love your music. Keep it up, and God Bless... Jul 25
  • Sarahxcoree said:
    youre amazing(: you need the song "The Lost Get Found" on here, cuz its really good :D Jun 23
  • ʟααααʀy·+ said:
    when she cries(: i really love britt nicole your music makes me think your music is amazing love (LLLLLLLLL) peace (/|\) May 30
  • ʟααααʀy·+ said:
    when she cries(: i really love britt nicole your music makes me think your music is amazing love (LLLLLLLLL) peace (/|\) May 30
  • ←peDritoOw─loOs─De─sieMPre→ said:
    → aaaawwww... ← → i like ya music ← → and i like ya voice ← → God blez ya ← May 27

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