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Bring Forth the Fallen

Drop The F*ckin Hammer


Genres: Metal / Rock

Location: Denton, TX

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4 tracks

Members: Jay, Craig, Ryan, Derek, Al

borne of the dfw metal/hardcore scene comes genre benders bring forth the fallen, determined to carve a niche for themselves without sacrificing their very eclectic backgrounds.

"Yeah we're a hell of a motley crew haha," jokes bassist derek mccright. "Al and I are pretty big into grindcore and death metal, ryan plays and listens to a ton of acoustic and bands like circa survive, jay is a straight up holdover from the grunge era (flannel included) and craig? techno, goth and pop! yet we all share a love for the metal, and somehow it works!"

with their debut ep releasing in may recorded and produced by gino baldi of Maccalibur studios, bftf chose to tackle a topic that many don't think about until it's too late; the loss of innocence.

"there's murder in your future, missy is a concept album with a very strong metaphorical statement," says guitarist craig sefcik. "the morals of kids are so misplaced now; no one is an angel, granted, but there are a lot of people making bad decisions that hurt others and they don't even
realize it or care. I just want to open people's eyes to see that our
actions affect everyone, not just ourselves."

with live shows that emit an intensity unmatched by other locals, their debut ep on the way, a video in the works and new fans flocking in each day, bring forth the fallen are poised to leave a crater-sized impact on the metalcore/hardcore scene.




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