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Bridge Too Far


Genres: Hardcore / Metalcore

Location: Quebec, QC

Stats: 13 fans / 790 plays / 8 plays today






Members: Sylvain (guitar), Alex (guitar), Guy-P. (bass), Laurent (drums), J-P (vocals)

Hailing straight from Quebec City, Bridge Too Far intends to keep the flame of positive hardcore burning. Bringing back honest music to the forefront, the members of BTF see hardcore not only as a way of sharing their beliefs but as a mean of creating positive change in the world. Playing unpretentious spirited hardcore combined with a glimpse of metallic riffs, the band conveys a constructive message that celebrates integrity and devotion to the underground community . After a year of hard work, BTF manages to establish a solid line-up which consists of bassist Guy-Pierre, guitarists Sylvain and Alex, drummer Laurent and vocalist J-P. With their passionate youth crew spirit and incorruptible faith in solidarity, BTF strives to reach kids from a perspective mutual respect and positive actions. No fashion, no frills, no lies. Bridge Too Far is all about dedication, love and passion toward the spirit of true and tempered hardcore. Etymologically, ''Bridge too far'' is a clich for the expression ''bitting off more than you can chew'' which means ''trying to do more than one is capable of''. The term quickly spread after the publication of Cornelius Ryan's 1974 book ''A Bridge Too Far'' that later made into a famous motion picture in 1977 directed by Richard Attenborough. With years, this saying turned into a formula phrase that is often used in headlines. As a matter of fact, the expression's fatalistic aspect has now found a more positive meaning with the band's humanistic message.

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Bridge too far - In this moment live

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