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Google not suffered over the car road tests 14 months 272 incidents

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Google not suffered over the car road tests 14 months 272 incidents

January 14, Beijing time, Google on Tuesday to the United States, California, report to the Government, outlining its driverless car in 14 months 272 in testing accident.

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In these incidents, due to driverless cars software detects there is a problem because of, must be immediately transferred from the unmanned control human drivers. This means that even though Google's Google x Division designed and manufactured a driverless cars are getting better, but still needed in rare cases passing control to the test engineer. In these cases, Google Analytics says that if human drivers do not have to take over, 13 happens then it is likely that driverless cars and other vehicles or objects are "contacts" of the accident. hello kitty covers

Reports also show that the frequency of such incidents dropped significantly over time from the test began in the first quarter, the average 785 miles (about 1263-kilometer), reduced to the nearest 5318 miles (about 8,558-kilometer) happens only once.

Driverless cars in California to test every car manufacturer or supplier must disclose the information. So far, Google has been testing driverless cars on public roads fleet is the largest.

Test results showed that despite the significant improvements in Google's driverless car, but if there is no human drivers on stand-by to take over later, so the car can't smooth automatic driving in all environments.

Google's self-driving car project leader yuehankelafuxike (John Krafcik) said on Tuesday that the company firmly believes that it can make the driverless car without human support.

Bosch (Robert Bosch GmbH) and Delphi automotive company (Delphi Automotive PLC) and other suppliers and manufacturers have also submitted similar reports, the human driver must intervene more frequently. Delphi's report details the human pilot situations requiring intervention, these situations often involve bad lane markings, too bright sun light cause camera failure, building areas, and any other driver's erratic behavior.

Google's report for safety advocates, the equivalent of a "fuel", they don't want the Government to allow unmanned vehicles in the case of no human drivers on call control on open public roads, and Google's desire is to let the car completely out of the control of human drivers. Hello Kitty iPhone case

In California last month, the Government announced for driverless cars of the regulatory proposal an explicit request that drivers of cars equipped with special license, it would fundamentally undermine Google's efforts to that end.

United States consumer rights organization Consumer Watchdog Privacy Project Director John Simpson (John m. Simpson) said in a statement: "the (California Department of motor vehicle management) decision is entirely correct, this is a decision to put safety first.

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Posted Jan 13, 2016 at 6:30pm