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Bricks For Shoulders


Genres: Indie / Hardcore / Post Hardcore

Location: Long Island, NY

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4 tracks

Members: Stevie D(guitar/Vocals
Tom C. (drums/vocals)


Far between records released BFS', "You are... therefore I am." It is available almost everywhere for download and physical sale.

-We are in the process of writing our new album, new songs, new comings, new influences,two guys, a guitar and drums.... same ol' Bricks for Shoulders

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Bricks For Shoulders - www.myspace.com/bricksforshoulders
You Are, Therefore I Am... (released 2006)
Far Between Records - www.farbetweenrecords.com
Bricks For Shoulders play a socially conscious hardcore rock in the vein of Nora and Helmet. You know what, I like it! It's simple approach to rock with venomous lyrics and vocals, furious guitars and drums, one can't ask for more...but you will! "You Are, Therefore I Am.." is sonic blast of ferocious tunes guaranteed to rock your ass and shatter the windows of the house as you blare this album at an 11. Simple and effective, drums and a guitar. You will not believe the explosiveness of this band, consisiting of just two memebers. I cannot state it enough times, this is a flurry of hardcore rock that is aggressive, attacking and overwhelming. Yet, the beauty of the whole thing is that it is inviting enough to wrap around you like a wet blanket, this album sticks with you. I've been humming hardcore tunes, like "You Should Treat Your Kids As Well As You Treat Your Car" all afternoon! You don't hum hardcore rock songs! That's like dumbing it down for the elevator; I should be shouting the lyrics I've just learned with glee and abandonment, just as the member sof Bricks For Shoulders have done on this seven track disc. I'm not sure if this is a debut album for the band, but wow, this is a huge opener of a career. Don't miss out on Bricks For Shoulders. This will be the hardcore sound for the masses. -MG

On Oct 15th 2006, we got this sweet review from a music lover in W.I. named Felicia.
quoted from (rock_girl)
"If you took a listen to Bricks for Shoulders you would never guess that the music they create is done by a band of only two guys ,Stevie D. ( guitar and vocals) and Tom C. (drums and vocals) . Their music has so much energy you'll find yourself so surprised that two guys can create it by themselves. The vocals Bricks for Shoulders does is incredible, the vocal range they have is just amazing . I'm still in shock and you will be too that the forceful sound they can make with just a guitar and drums along side vocals. After listening to their songs I just could not get the beginging part of " You fill in the blanks while I load my .357 " out of my head .Their explosive sound is just what all the hardcore fans have been waiting for."
[end quote]
Thanks Felicia, from both Tom and I of Bricks for Shoulders.


  • youandmeparkinglot@3 said:
    DUDES!!! You guys kick so much ass. Originality, WHATEVER!!! 2 guys?! WHATEVER!!! so ggood. Love the new tunes bros Oct 29
  • warsucks said:
    heard about you guys from the PV forum. it\'s all right. like the hardcore drumming, and the vocals are a little weird Oct 17
  • Rosssheltonaatr said:
    hey what is up you guys rock mabe we can jam sometime ne ways if you have time it would be cool if you checked out my bands web site and put your 2 cents in at www.purvolume.com/anautumntoremember P.S. im from lonoke arkansas Apr 18
  • anthonyisaminordetail said:
    Hey Dudes. Greatings from the UK. Saw a post about you on a forum and thought I\'d check it out... I really like this!! The sound is huge for a two piece... reminds me of earlier Poison The Well, but unlike them this makes me want to dance as well as mosh! Awesome. Keep up the good work, Tony. ps. check out my band! www.purevolume.com/aminordetail ... we\'re also a two piece, leaning slightly more toward pop though hehe. Cheers. Mar 22

You are..therefore I am

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