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Where you should Post New Articles First?

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I recieve asked this particular a great deal on several of the forums I play a role in: 'John, could it be Alright to post articles I've published to article directory sites without any help site?' That is one of the most misunderstood concepts regarding the proper use of online content. The solution, by the way, is yes, it's OK to use articles you've published to directories by yourself site. There's no "duplicate content" penalty that can blacklist you forever from Google, detract all of your current rights, and send you to Hell once you die.

What Google frowns upon is posting the identical content twice (or higher) alone site - ostensibly to boost the number of content pages and continue to fool search engines like google into thinking you're updating your articles regularly. This is just what means any time you hear the idea of "duplicate content penalty." Now, that being said, remember that the various search engines might discount content you put onto your site that appears elsewhere. By that I mean any time Google indexes a page of content once, it tends to devalue the next occurrences of this same content appearing elsewhere. So, should you write for us blog and send it in to, say, 10 article directories, Google will acquire a type of submissions since the original for that content, and after that consider all of those other occurrences as less important.

In case you stick to the implications of this logically, it means you need to be careful how we occurs original content. And here , it might purchase a little tricky. First, know that the massive, popular article directory sites are located through the search engines like google as important sites. Content appearing there often piggybacks for this effect and appears elevated in the various search engines rankings relatively quickly. This fact alone makes the post articles to the top directory very attractive, on account of your article will then use a better potential for being seen by searchers at Google, Yahoo, etc.

For almost all article writers, this could be the deciding factor on where to place new content first. The exception is made for writers who have websites that purchase a lots of love with the search engines, so that they can tackle the superior directories. To put it differently, should your goal is your content seen by internet search engine users as fast as possible, first place your new articles on the webpage that gives the most effective probability of that taking place.

Once you discover that Google has selected that first occurrence of one's article, then it's the perfect time to make use of it elsewhere. You may incur no "penalty" for duplicate content. At worst, your article's subsequent appearances will undoubtedly be discounted because of the engines like google as they realize that it can be already around on another site. One last consideration is that you ought not forget humans in this equation. You shouldn't be afraid that will put content (your personal forms of languages) in your website since it's on other sites. In case the article is a superb read and gives useful, interesting information your targeted traffic will delight in, go ahead and apply it!

Posted May 04, 2015 at 2:11pm