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Some Great Applications For the New iPhone 4S

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Should you be lucky enough to get get a new iPhone 4S over the festive period or you have recently treated you to ultimately this impressive contact you might be wondering which applications you should download to consider full benefit of the unit. With more than 500,000 apps available the option can be quite daunting so we check out a few of the better options that should be considered an important download for your new phone.

The iPhone 4S isn't just great for watching a multitude of movies but also for getting a host of knowledge about films you have seen or that you'd like to look at. The IMDB application is one of the most widely used available for the iPhone and has access to a massive database that holds data about virtually every movie ever released. If you notice an actor on television and cannot remember which movie you recognise him from then IMDB will find these details out for you. Lots of other data about film titles can also be stored including cast, crew and trivia concerning the production. If you are trying to find a film to watch then your Top 250 list inside the application is definitely available to ensure you get ideas. Flixster is yet another movie based application that allows you to know which films are now being shown at a cinema close to you. An execllent facet of this application is it has trailers readily available for forthcoming movies to help you take a look to determine what films you really want to see.

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Many iPhone 4S user will have some type of data allowance within their monthly contract using their service provider so it's vital to help keep track of just how much you are actually using. The Onavo application helps you in this region by not only monitoring the data that you are using but by allowing you to reduce it. Data that you request is compressed through the Onavo servers prior to being delivered to your phone therefore reducing the total data amount that you employ. The application is available for free and is a great software program for those users of the phone.

If you live in London you'll probably use the cities Tube network regularly therefore the Tube Map application is a great companion to possess. Not only does this impressive software present you with a roadmap showing all routes it contains all useful information. By using the internet connections available on the iPhone 4S the software can keep you up-to-date with timetable information and delays. All London stations are handled by the applying and if you can't discover the location that you are looking for a handy search option lets you enter in the name and the application will find this place for you.

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With so many applications to choose from it can be a struggle choosing the right one for you. The 4 iPhone 4S apps we have highlighted above are just some of the numerous that people believe to be one of the most useful which are currently available.

Posted Jun 06, 2012 at 10:54am