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Breaking Down Forrestry


Genres: Acoustic / Emo / Alternative

Location: Grand Rapids, MI

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4 tracks

Members: Eric Grinwis (Guitar/Vocals)

hello everyone my name is Eric Grinwis and i am Breaking Down Forrestry. i've been playing for a few years now and its been quite a great time in the process. highschool has been going great with a buncha sweet friends and social activities that makes being young super fun. in the past ive been in a band called Fifle and that basically sums up my sophomore year... along with G Smeez. music has always been right there with me through my life in different shapes and forms since elementary choir, middle school band, musicals and plays to highschool bands, talent shows, and playing my own stuff in my room. i am still very young musically and ill always be open to learning new things.


  • guitarme1 said:
    ok so your music is super good. i really like acoustic, keep it up. mikaela Dec 10
  • Glendaa. said:
    I like it! you are great. congruationn .Lovee u Dec 10
  • Sing that sweet tune said:
    How is it that I\'m your first fan? Makes nooo sense since you make some beautiful music. If you ever feel like a little road trip, you should travel down to Des Moines and play at Java Joes. Heck yes. Well good luck with the new songs! Jan 12


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